6 More Weeks of Winter

So Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter.  Why am I not surprised?  

We've had more snow events in our area than we've had in 20 years I think.  Oh, we've had storms drop lots of snow before but never so many days of snow.  We are getting snow every week it seems.

Yesterday was no exception.

 When it was over we measure about 9 inches of snow on our back deck table.  This was a heavy, wet snow - great for making snowmen but it takes longer to shovel - though Emily and Denny did ours, and then Tim, Denny, Rachel and Lindsay did a couple from church, and then Tim, Rachel and Lindsay did the house that Joseph and she will live in.  Did you follow all that shoveling?

This morning it's a beautiful winter wonderland.

 See the baby snowman with it's wee purple scarf?  Cute.  They added blue food coloring to a squirt bottle of water and colored their snow people.  My niece Kaitlin, who is almost 23 years old, had never made a snowman before.

There is a real beauty in winter.  But my heart is turning to spring. Tonight, into tomorrow we are going to get snow and ice, which will be a mess.  Then I hear more snow is expected on the weekend.  Accuweather.com shows that March 1st will be 52 degrees and rainy.  Who even cares about the rain at this point?  It will feel balmy at 52 degrees!  Two weeks ago though it said March 1st would be 40 degrees and partly sunny.  So who knows?

The wedding is now 24 days away.  If the weather stays like this we'll have a blizzard!  Just kidding, California and Florida family, just kidding!!!


  1. looks like powdered sugar was freely dumped on a lovely postcard setting. it's beautiful - but i do recall heavy snows with seemingly no end (growing up in northern illinois). hoping for a beautiful upcoming spring for you and yours.. :)

    24 days. wow..time's flying.

  2. It is SO beautiful BUT, being a Southern Gal... I can't imagine living among all of that snow:) Have a blessed week, stay safe and warm! HUGS!

  3. So lovely! So deep! Glad your Christmas garland is still up as it looks more like Christmas now than in December. Wonderful family of snowmen, but I think more are needed!

  4. Deep white snow is so beautiful. But like you, come February, my heart turns to spring, too. But I must be patient. We are having a cold week here

  5. Beautiful photos! I never tire of seeing snow pics! Funny how the snow can be so dry or so wet..makes a difference shoveling for sure!

  6. Stephanie had a March wedding and we had a gentle snow that day. Made for beautiful photos but slick roads.

    Fortunately, only one person could not make it. J.'s family are from New England.

    Waiting for the snow here. Well, not really but you know what I mean. By the way, the rodent was wrong last year as he predicted an early spring and we had a very late spring. ;)

  7. Love the idea of the colored snowmen. Oh My, just adorable. I so wish for a snowman. I know ya'll are tired of it, but this GA girl got about 2 inches 2 weeks ago, but not enough for a snowman. Some parts got more.

  8. Love the idea of food coloring in the snow. We must be in the same neck of the woods as we're supposed to get the snow and ice tonight too.

    Stay safe and warm my friend.


  9. You got a lot of snow! It is quite beautiful! A fresh blanket of snow makes everything look prettier and your photos bear that out.

    How fun that your niece was able to build her first snowman!

    But, yes, I am ready to ignore Punxsutawney Phil and just move on to spring!

  10. Oh Deanna, I know you're sick of snow and ice, but can I just tell you how stunning it is? It very literally made my heart start beating faster as I was looking at the pictures.

    Yes, I know that's easy to say from the discomfort of my 70 degree February, but still... IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL.

    Stay warm and hopefully a little dryer too.

  11. Or is it drier? Did I just tell you to stay "laundry applianced"? Too lazy to check and too old to know.

    And I was an English teacher, too.


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