Home Keeping - Setting Up Housekeeping

Setting up housekeeping is an old phrase.  It referred to where a couple was going to live when they got married.  

Lindsay and Joseph have found a darling little house, to rent, that was built in 1957.  It has a lot of charm - deep baseboard trim, arched doorways, a darling kitchen.  It also has been very well maintained and the colors are updated.  

Perfect for setting up housekeeping.  They are excited to be finding things to furnish their house.  Right now Joseph lives there and there is a bed, Lindsays' hope chest, and now a dining room table and chairs.

 The manufacturer is Henkle Harris of Winchester, Virginia.  They are fine furniture makers.  We found this set at a small used furniture store in Ephrata, called Garden Spot Furniture.  A friend told us about this place.  They have quality used furniture, and great prices.

 6 chairs

 3 leaves for the table

They are very excited about this piece of furniture!  Lindsay says that now Joseph has a place to sit down to eat breakfast!

It's fun to watch them prepare for their lives together, and it's an honor to be apart of it.

20 days to go!


  1. love it.. looking forward to a peek inside the kitchen :)

  2. That table looks amazing! These must be fun times as they gather the thinggs they need to create home.

  3. May Lindsay and Joseph have many happy years and see many anniversaries together, as the Lord pleases.

  4. What a find! That is a wonderful set! It is so exciting setting up housekeeping for the first time. It's been a long time, but I still remember with fondness...

  5. That is an old fashioned term, just like "breaking up your home" at the other end of life. What joy you must have being a close part of it all. And that's a beautiful table!

  6. Looks like a great house, and I love the dining furniture!

  7. Pretty! I love that Lindsay has a hope chest. Enjoy the next 20 days!

  8. I still remember the thrill of finding pieces to furnish our flat when we were first married - 44 years ago now!
    You are all counting down the days - not long now!

  9. Beautiful furniture that they will enjoy for years to come! I am excited to see what joy they create in their marriage! Have a blessed Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  10. "Setting up housekeeping" has such a homey sound to it. I love it. Joseph's and Lindsay's table and chairs are beautifully made and will last them for many years. Enjoy the countdown.

  11. Brings back fond memories of our first dining room set: a very heavy "hand-me-down" set from a family friend that we painted in contrasting colonial colors. You would've liked it!

  12. We've shopped there!!! What a great find and fun for the young love to start their home.


  13. I love that! Actually, I just love the whole little room, as much of it as I can see. It's just like what I think a couple ought to start out in when they are "setting up housekeeping". We set up in a little cottage, too. A lot of love lived in that little place.

    I want to say something about young people squandering this beautiful time God wants to give them in a variety of ways, like not saving the time for marriage or trying to "have it all" right away, but I won't.

    Oops. Just did. I love reading the prenuptial posts of your soon to be newlyweds.

  14. My husband would be so jealous. His MS degree is in Wood Tech and he loves cherry wood.

    It can be very expensive, they found quite a bargain.

  15. What an exciting time-setting up housekeeping. It is a sign of a happy time and a new beginning. So happy for you and this blessing.


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