The Last, Few Quiet Moments

before the wedding this weekend.

Tim headed out to work early today so he can leave work early and go pick up his Mom and brother in law at the airport.  Our first out of town guests to arrive for the wedding!

Lindsay had an eye appointment at 8:00 am, and took Rachel along so she could take her to her cello lesson (thanks to her teacher for doing a 9:15 am lesson today) which is just down the street from our eye doctor.  Then they will grab some food and head to pick up Lindsay's wedding gown!  She had her final fitting last week.  She's beautiful, and the dress looks wonderful on her!

This past weekend, I put away the last of the winter decor and brought out my white things and we added in some blue.  That was Rachel's idea, and it looks fresh and welcoming.  I moved my silver tray and pots to the top of the bookcase and I really like it there.  Sometimes just moving things from one room to the next freshens things up.

Here is the view out of my kitchen window this morning.  We are getting a dusting of snow.

I wanted to show you what Lindsay and I made yesterday.  These are the table cards so people know how to find their table!  Aren't they cute?  Different greens, as we are using varying shades of Joseph and Lindsay's favorite color for their wedding.

Now I must run!  I have some fluffing to do in my bedroom, and I need to mop my floors!

3 days to go!  Thank you all for your prayers.  I feel them!  We are relaxed, laughing, and enjoying these days together.


  1. Oh what mounting excitement! The house looks beautiful and will be so cozy and welcoming for your guests!

  2. Joy and blessings as you celebrate!

  3. You are well organized! It makes a difference! Blessings on the special day!

  4. Rejoicing with those who rejoice!!

  5. I have been out of town for nearly a week, but I haven't forgotten that this week is your very special week!

    We are kindred sisters yet again because I have been on a white with blue kick around here too. (Our past week was spent at my late MIL's home as the estate is being settled. She had an affinity for blue, too, and so many of her little treasures are shades of blue.)

    I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful bride!

  6. Blessings to ALL of you. Glad you're enjoying these final days of your oldest daughter in your home.

  7. I love it when a plan comes together:) Your home is looking ready for the big event! Enjoy each moment dear friend, it doesn't last long enough to suit me:) HUGS!

  8. Deanna, I highly doubt you will see this until you are on the other side of the wedding, but I wanted to stop by here and tell you that I have just finished praying for you and your family a few minutes ago. I wanted to participate in it all in prayer. I know that it will be a sweet time. May God bless every second of it!

  9. Your home looks so warm and inviting, perfect for this very special occasion! Is it okay if I get excited too! Time really has gone by so fast, I am so looking forward to you sharing.. Prayers for continued peace and enjoyment!


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