Scenes From a Snowy Morning

Tim shoveled a path out to his truck and then left for work on the unplowed roads. (you can see that it has already started to fill the space he shoveled already!)  He made it safely in about the same amount of time he normally does.  He is pretty amazing.

Since we homeschool we don't really have snow days, so I am letting the kids sleep in this morning, as a treat.  I have spent lots of time on Pinterest and reading blogs.  Its been quiet and relaxing.  I may even take a nap!

I do know that I will not be headed out anywhere today.  I am planning lots of reading, some knitting (maybe I'll finish that hat today!), some cooking, and some Valentine making.  

Should be a fun day!


  1. WOW, your snow makes mine look like a dusting:) It is SO pretty but I can't imagine having that MUCH SNOW! Enjoy your day, stay warm dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Wow. That's every bit a much as we'll get, I hope. The boys and I have found a new sledding place right in the back yard so we're planning to have us some fun. Hope that your kiddos enjoy their "snow day."

  3. I enjoy snow photos so much, much more so than the inconvenience ~smile~ Your days sounds very peaceful and restful! We are staying in today too, actually we are snowed in and expecting 3 more inches, and then the great warmup comes in !

  4. Wow. So much snow. Staying cozy indoors sounds like a very good plan.

  5. Sounds like you kept your power. Have a cozy day! Sounds perfect.

  6. Just in from shovel. We're most east than you but got 12 inches with more coming over night. It's sleeting now. I'm having some hot cocoa then a hot shower.

    Have fun with the kiddo's



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