A Belated Birthday Gift

There are a few friends who will understand my complete and utter delight at this gift.

 The Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers.  Yes, it is the made in China version.  I'm okay with that.

Dinner plates

 Salad/luncheon plates.  I chose these to use for the little people in our family.  One day Kamryn will have first cousins and they can use these for the meal.

 I'm a tad concerned about that yellow snow, but I think we'll be okay.

Luncheon/Salad plate pattern.

A few soup/serving bowls.

And a few mugs.

This is such a fun pattern and I may use them for every day dishes during the winter. 

Do you have The Friendly Village dishes?  


  1. I love them. I like that they have different patterns/pictures. But you know what yellow snow means. Hehe

  2. Yes I do have Friendly Village dishes. Mine are the made in China ones also. I had to laugh about the yellow snow as I noticed that on ours also. You have quite a set there, Deanna. I have a service for twelve and will use them in the fall and winter as my everday dishes. I did pick up a cup and saucer at the antique store that is made in England. It appears to be thinner and a little more delicate, but I love my new dishes and I'm sure you do also. ♥

  3. ::happy squeals::

    Happy Birthday to you!! What a fabulous gift! I so love Friendly Village. (You'll get over the yellow snow in a short while. ~smile~)

    I use mine for every day in the late autumn and all winter.

    Enjoy your dishes! And be sure to share pics of your Thanksgiving table bedecked in its Friendly splendor!

  4. Love it, I just have the tea pot and I'm in love with them all Japan wherever they come from. Hoping to purchase some dishes, though I believe the tea pot comes for Enland. You have a lovely set, thanks for sharing them it makes me want all the more. With love Janice

  5. They're great. I don't have any Friendly Village dishes, but I was admiring them in the store this week and trying to remember who of my blogging friends really liked them. You are one of them!

  6. I have a big smile over this post, Deanna. Are they second hand or new? My guess is new. What a gift. This particular pattern seems to have stood the test of time. When I saw the stack of them in the first picture my mind went right back to a shop my girlfriend and I were in the year before we each got married, when we were collecting all our ideas for what we would register for (we didn't have registries back then though). We were so in love with Johnson Bros. She got your set, and I got The Old Mill that has similar colors. It was my "every day" dishes for years, and then it got so I used it mainly in the fall, and always at Thanksgiving. A couple of years ago I gave the set to my sister in law, and I do miss it. Enjoy yours!

  7. Yes, but then you know that! I am thrilled for you and waste no time fretting over yellow snow. Even the vintage dishes have it. I'd tell you to enjoy them, but there's no need, I KNOW you will!


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