One More Week

My girl will be home in one more week.  I'm a bit excited about this fact.  

I'm thankful to be able to text with her, as well as talk on the phone.  This is a recent photo she sent.

Here are a few from a Sunday morning  chat with the family.  The kids sent her this one -

And she sent them this one.

Emma and I have a similar sense of humor.  We use humor to defuse stress or tension.  After a particularly stressful weekend I sent her this

It was just what she needed to laugh off some stress, put things in their proper perspective, and let it go.

Can't wait to give her a hug, go to breakfast, do some Christmas shopping, and hang out with her.

What are you looking forward to in this next week?


  1. Emma makes great faces!! :D
    I know you're looking forward to being together soon!
    We are looking forward to a new grandbaby soon! Maybe this week, maybe not, but definitely soon!

  2. I burst out laughing (at the sign) the dark...with a mug of coffee in my hand. Oh dear...

    So happy she'll be home and you get to hug that girlie. :)

    JAne at andwearpearls blog

  3. it! It'll be so much fun to have her home.

  4. The kids love to mug for their phones and computers don't they!
    Having two daughters I know what it is like to miss them when you're close.

  5. She does make great faces and it looks ilke college life suits her well. Her first of many times coming back home! Enjoy.

  6. Jill and I went for bagels today!!


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