Home Keeping: Making The Bed

I've mentioned before my love for a pretty bed.  I just love the way my bedroom looks when the bed is made.

Today, I put new sheets on the bed.  A red plaid flannel set purchased at Target.  I turned my floral comforter over to the solid side, and added an extra top sheet, as I love that white lace ruffle on it.  It is part of a Shabby Chic sheet set purchased at Target a few years ago.  In fact, all of my bedding in this photo was purchased at Target.  I've had the comforter set which is by Waverly for at least seven years and I still love it!

 I love to mix patterns.  This is so easy to do.  Just chose fabrics in the same color family and change up the sizes of the patterns.  Easy Peasy.

 The white pillow case matches the white cotton top sheet.

 Isn't it pretty?

Sigh…I am in love with this look.

 Surprisingly this can be a controversial subject.  So, just for the record, I am not writing this post to pass judgement on anyone who chooses to not make their bed.  But I am going to ask - are you a bed maker or a non bed maker?  Confession time!


  1. Your bed IS beautiful!
    And generally I am a bed-maker (though I confess to occasional lapses).

  2. Bed-makers here...most days. ; >

    Your bedroom looks lovely. Why is it that I always feel like taking a nap when I see a beautifully made bed? Must be Goldilocks Syndrome.

  3. Bed maker! I can't sleep otherwise.

    Yours is lovely and inviting!

  4. Making your bed is a Must!!!

  5. Your bedroom is beautiful. Isn't it nice to know that you have a cozy place to end the day?

    I'm a bed-maker. Always. Even if I'm going to be late.

  6. Makes me want to lie down in it and take a nap!

  7. I like this look, especially since I'm a big fan of plaid.
    Bed is made every morning not long after I'm up.

  8. I always straighten the sheets and blankets, and arrange the pillows, but I rarely pull up the bedspread. Rather, I leave it folded at the bottom of the bed with a sheet covering it. That way, my cat can sleep on it and I don't end up with cat fur all over my nice bedspread. But that begs the question as to why I searched high and low for at least a year for a bedspread!

  9. Bed maker here. I admire the way you combine colors and patterns and white lace to create this effect.

  10. I must be an exception to the rule of your readers. I rarely make the bed!

  11. We ALWAYS make the bed:) My Husband and I have a deal... whoever is last to get up, makes the bed! Love the look of your bedding! Have a blessed Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  12. Absolutely, every day. I would have a hard time sleeping on an unmade bed! Yours is pretty. I have shabby Chic curtains and shower curtains from Target, about the same era as yours.

  13. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I just purchased the same sheets but in black and white. :-)

    I am a bed maker 99 % of the time. I have a bad back and sometimes the choice is made bed or walking. :-) Although my children are always willing to make it for me. :-)


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