Autumn Beauty: Longwood Gardens

This is a photo of my Cleveland Pear tree from the other day.

Saturday I am meeting up with some friends from church at Longwood Gardens.  I really love it there, and haven't been for a few years.  

It's going to be chilly and I am so looking forward to it!

Here are some photos from Longwood's website.

I'll try to get some photos but I hope to soak in all the beauty.


  1. Hope you aren't too disappointed in Longwood Gardens this week. We were just there yesterday (we have a season pass). They are kind of in an in-between blooming time period.
    Loved the photos from your beautiful piece of property.

  2. Sounds like a good time. It's quite chilly here this morning as well.

  3. Hope that you have a blast and that the colors are amazing!

  4. Longwood is on my bucket list, please do share autumn photos after your visit.

  5. What a beautiful garden! Love those twirly whirly shrubs!

  6. I love Longwood! We haven't been in about a year. We need to renew our membership soon! Thanks for sharing your photos!


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