Home Keeping: Quiet Saturday

There is not too much going on here today.  This was a good week for getting things done, in spite of the heat.  I got the mowing done, Tim and the kids did the weeding - we waited until evening then did those outdoor projects!  

Poor Tim works outside daily and has been roasting in this heat.  Yesterday, after I did grocery shopping, we headed out to swim at my parents house.  The temps have been in the 90's and with the humidity the heat index has been well over 100 degrees!  Tim joined us there and it was very refreshing.  We bought pizza so that we wouldn't need to cook!  Very nice way to end the week.

Today, he is working on a job, inside a house this time, and he has Sarah as his assistant!  Rachel works, and I am working on routine home keeping things like changing sheets, dusting, cleaning bathrooms.  I'll be indoors all day, as it will be the hottest today.  I'm so ready for fall.

This afternoon our friend Ben is marrying his sweetheart Larissa in South Carolina.  This family is dear to us but we were unable to make the trip to the wedding.  However, they are doing live streaming of the wedding and I am going to watch!  I'm so excited for this opportunity to see them get married!  Have any of you ever done this?!

I hope you have a great weekend.  


  1. It is hot here too. I avoid being outside for very long. I have enjoyed several things live streaming but not a wedding. Have a blessed week ahead. Hugs

  2. We had a friend's funeral streamed from NZ this weekend, but I don't think I've heard of a wedding, but very cool. And hopefully you stayed cool by keeping to the inside.

  3. Gotta love technology so that you get to see the wedding! No, I have never done it, but I would be watching, too, if I had a dear friend getting married. Oh it has been brutal in the heat dept. Muggy as all get out. It will break soon. Oh for a pool to swim in! Sounds wonderful!


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