Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sewing: Baby Quilt For My Daughter's Daughter

Emma is a fan of teal (it was one of her wedding colors) and when I saw this fabric with the alphabet letters in teal, I knew this was the fabric to make her baby's quilt.

 On closer look I saw it was perfect as it has sweet little tea cups on it, too!  A little something of this grandma, to wrap around that sweet girl that is coming!

There is a natural cotton batting in the middle and I backed it with a soft flannel in teal.  (These photos are reading more blue.)  I hand quilted it, but machine stitched the binding.

The excitement is building around here as we enter single digit weeks until both babies are due!

I worked on Klaire's quilt today! (Klaire is the name Nate and Kayleigh are naming their baby girl.  No name announcement yet from Emma and Vinnie) I can't wait to show you!  I will hopefully finish it this weekend.


  1. What a sweet quilt for Emma's baby! And isn't it fun to find the perfect fabric?!
    So exciting to be expecting two granddaughters so close together!

  2. Perfect fabrics indeed! Very sweet quilt. Bumper crop baby time has got to be very exciting. Your little granddaughter must be getting super excited to meet a baby sister and a baby cousin, too.

  3. Yes, a sweet little quilt for your granddaughter! Pretty color.

  4. Pretty fabric with the little teacups holding crayons. Your life is about to get much busier - with love and baby hugs.

  5. The quilt looks lovely. And I like the name Klaire, or the spelling. Claire is our youngest grand's middle name. Exciting days ahead!


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