Sometimes rest can be hard to come by.  Emotions while wearying can keep us awake as our minds play over and over troubling things.

This last week was deeply emotional for me.  Sweet friends are going through deep waters, and I hurt for them.  I've laid awake on my bed in the night praying.

Some nights I'm up late because my girl works late, like tonight.  She'll call me while she drives home, we talk the whole way or at least we are on the phone together, as some nights we are both tired and don't have much to say!

God made us to need rest.  He separated light from darkness and made day and night.  He made the 'lesser lights' to shine in the night so that we can see but it doesn't keep us awake.  He set an example for rest by resting on the 7th day.  He who holds all things in His hands did not need to rest, but He gave us the example.

I tend to be engaged with media right up until bedtime.  I am thinking that I am going to cut back on that and spend more of the evening reading books, or working on some kind of a quiet project.  Something that will allow my mind to slow down and quiet itself, so that when I turn the light out and lay down, my mind is not still active, but in rest mode.

I'd be interested in hearing the ways you give yourself rest, and any routines you may do to prepare yourselves for sleep.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. ♥ thank you for praying
    ♥ i read until lights out .. from my kindle usually
    ♥ i slept in .. 5:42am .. truly life changing

  2. Rest. I make sure I take at least 15 minutes of the day for just quiet, alone time by myself...even though it's just my husband and I at home now.
    Before bedtime means reading for us. Sometimes I can read for an hour, other times it might just be 15 minutes! Depends on how tired I am.

  3. Every night when I get in bed, I read my Bible. I have the wonderful "ESV Daily Reading Bible", where by the end of one year I will have read the whole Bible. Each day has OT and NT readings. This only takes 15 minutes and is a good thing to ponder. Then I read a novel of my choice. That is a peaceful way to close the day.

  4. Sometimes I will just go sit in the garden in the back in a chair where there is nothing but peaceful whispers from the birds. Other times get a lovely teapot down and teacup and make a pretty tea tray for me. And curl up on the couch crochet look over my old Victoria magazines and dream about things. Other times I will look for scriptures to console my mimd and heart. I just wrote a bit about the sabbath day. I believe God gave this day for a reason and I have been trying to practice of it. We need this day of rest. It gives time for us to console with God and his son and reflect on things we need to improve on and what we can do to help others and so many things as well as pleasing God and his commands. I pray for your comfort and your friends. May God bless you all. With love Janice. Happy weekend

  5. And I watch no t.v. I cut it off and on occasion watch some movies that are much calming non violent Janice

    1. Hi, Janice!

      I do this too. You know the saying about you become what you read...or spend time in...something like that. I get a little jumpy if I watch too much of the news or the sad things, scary movies and such, but old TV shows or something sweet, that's the ticket! :-)

  6. Your post spoke right to my heart because of what we were going through here this week. Thank you so much for your kind words on my post today. How wonderful it is to rest in the Lord. I agree with you about the media right before bed and I'm guilty of the same thing. Of course, all I really need to do is get interested in a TV show and I will nod off through the whole thing! Go figure!

  7. You are describing a very long day. You are probably overtired by the time you topple into bed. Can you give up the phone time with your working-late daughter? I am sure that she appreciates it and mothers do stuff like that. I am so tuckered after a day of hauling tools and wood and whatever that I go to bed earlier every night. I'm sure it will be by 8 soon. I do sleep well after being that tired, but I can't recommend it. Have you heard that magnesium is good for sleeping? I use a magnesium lotion. I watch Christian programming in the evening. Sometimes I listen to music as I am drifting off... My eyes are too tired to focus on reading.

  8. No screen time for me before bedtime. Sometimes a book, but most of the time I go to bed early but weary. I listen to Christian radio - not music but a radio preacher.

  9. I try really hard to disconnect before bedtime, but watch tv to fall asleep. Not sure that is good but it is my routine! I pray a lot and that seems to calm the troubled waters in my heart that others are going through! Sending you a big 'ole Sunday morning hug!

  10. I just read somewhere how important a routine is before sleep. In the colder months I always put lotion on my feet. I think that gives my brain a signal. I try not to do any heavy thinking or big discussions before bed so my mind is more restful. I also diffuse lavender several nights a week and it gives me a wonderful night's sleep. Or I'll just put some on my wrists or feet. Going to bed early always gives me a better night's sleep.

  11. I have gone through bouts of insomnia and usually it is when I have been unable to let go of a situation or person that is beyond my realm of acceptance in whatever facet. Thankfully I have/am learning to relinquish and give grace...also to myself.
    I also like an exercise routine like yoga or pilates before bed.

  12. I am sorry for your friends. Praying grace for the situation...

    I am a night owl, so I usually fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I don't recommend such a routine, but it works for me. Some days, I require a 20-minute power nap to recharge and I wake refreshed. (If it's any longer that 20 minutes, I am not refreshed...just sluggish.)

    Having older children (and young adults) who are working and driving and socializing can complicate bedtime routines, but I remember that it is a season. Those days are limited...just like babyhood with its nighttime wakefulness. Seasons of a mother's life. He gives grace...


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