Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Friends and Family

Our dear friends are packing readying their trailer for the road as I write.  They've been hooked up to our electric and we've been having a wonderful time.  

What a blessing longtime friends are.  They KNOW you and LOVE you anyway!  {smile}

So thankful for them.  We'll see them in the late autumn likely, as we will be visiting Tim's mom and they live in the same town.

Back tomorrow with a recipe!


  1. What a beautiful edit! So glad that you have enjoyed your friends' visit and it is so cool that you will see them again pretty soon!

  2. Old friends are the best:). Safe travels to them. Hugs

  3. Good times and more happy memories! Like your blog fall look.

  4. Love the photo! Enjoy your travels ♥

  5. What a blessing good friends are!


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