Another Clan Story And Tea Cup

My daughter and I got so excited when we found our Campbell tea cup that we went online and found a matching MacDonald tea cup on Etsy.  A week later it has arrived!

My family, the McElrath's (MacIlwraith), as you know are part of the MacDonald clan.  Our family has Covenanters in its lineage and even a Covenanter martyr.  

You may have noticed that our spelling is different now than it was in Scotland.  The story goes that our covenanter ancestors fought against the English at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge for the right to worship freely, and not be held to they way the Church of England worshipped.  Our side lost that battle and rather than being killed, the family lands were confiscated (there is a lovely farm in Ballentrae called Auchenflower.  We enjoyed seeing it when we were there), and the family forced to go to Ireland.

There overtime the name was changed to an Irish form and when Oglethorpe wanted farmers to help him settle Georgia (in the New World) he came to Ireland.  One of my ancestors went to help build an agrarian society there.  That's how at least one McElrath got to America.

Now my clan tea cup sits side by side with Tim's clan tea cup.  They are making me very happy to look at them.

I'm joining Bernideen today for Friends Sharing Tea.


  1. How perfect!!! So happy you found them!

  2. What an amazing history and such a beautiful cup and saucer for your collection.

  3. That is soooooooooooooo neat.

    I am reading about Scottish history - it is beyond sad what happened to the ancient celtic clans/ families. I am Irish on both sides. And don't EVEN get me started on The Church of England and how with the taking of the churches how it was really the beginning of the end of Britain's hold on the world - Divide and Conquer. It was only a matter of time.

    But I digress. I LOVE you have those teacups, it makes me so happy for you both.

    : - )

  4. Those tea cups are so special to have. Happy that you found them and can now enjoy them in your home. I am happy to have come across your blog and will now follow along.

  5. Family history is so interesting! Your tea cups look very nice together and how amicable. Nice that they are not duking it out as the clans they represent once did. LOL!

  6. That's an interesting story and having a couple of clan teacups to remind you of your history is a great idea.

  7. Georgia, you say? I'm in SE Ga! Neat, about having a founding anscestor. Dh's family is from Fife, land of MacDuff. However, it's MacTavish (on the west of Scotland) that claims Cash! Crazytown. Anyway, lovely cups and history. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Dear Deanna:
    Wow - how amazing! That family history is wonderful and 2 tea cups to make it all roll together! I loved it. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love these post. Cups are so neat.

  10. How every cool is that, having your very own clan teacup.


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