Happy February!

I'm enjoying my big shelf over the stairway.  This is one of the best arrangements I've had on it.    It feels fresh and I can leave it until Autumn if I want, though that is not likely to happen.

Here is the extent of my Valentine decor - 

I do have red things in our living areas because that's my color.  Oh, wait!  I forgot these red hearts - 

Our winter has been so mild (with a few pockets of cold weather) that I keep having to remind myself that its still wintertime.  I just hope that we don't have a super hot summer, in exchange for the mild winter temps.  Heat and humidity are not my friends.

I'm working on organizing dinner and a movie for the adults at our church on the 13th.  It's not technically a Valentine's dinner, but I hope to bring some nice ambiance with some candles and pretty tablescapes.

 We started our day off with a breakfast date and some shoe shopping for Tim. We are such a romantic pair! lol

Now to get to our history and science work for the day!  


  1. Very nice. Your shelf does look fresh and clean. I am also reminding myself that it is not spring yet. I am tempted to just start planting flowers and put up Easter things. Smiles.

  2. I'm ready for hearts and Valentine decorations.

  3. The shelf looks great. I guess we are having a milder winter than many, but the ice keeps homebound all the same. It's risking one's life to fetch the mail.

    I'd like one perfect weather year just once to see what it's like. Ha!

  4. Love seeing those old GLH titles! I probably read them all when I was young. (My grandmother had just about everything she wrote and I read one after another when we'd go to her house for our summer vacations.)

  5. Your d├ęcor is just right for February. I have to get busy, haven't put a thing out yet, although I have taken it down and sat the box out. Just got to make myself get in the mood!


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