Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Blue Hour In Winter

As I drew the curtains closed this evening, I saw that it was The Blue Hour.

Venus was shining so beautifully, so I decided to snap a few photos.

Our winter has been mild overall, with a few patches of cold weather.  I think spring is actually going to be early this year, but I do hope we don't get a late hard freeze after this mild weather, so we do not lose the blossoms an fruit trees, which is what happened last year to the local cherry trees.

We do love our local orchards full of wonderful cherries, peaches, and apples.


  1. We already have buds on our fig trees and pears. Crazy.

  2. Pretty much the same kind of weather here. Warm then cold then HOT (80+ this past Sunday) then freezing again with a wind that goes right through you! Signs of spring are popping up all over and so hoping that the beautiful trees that bloom will not be frozen off! Yes, that blue hour is so beautiful!

  3. we see venus too .. same heavens though 2k miles from one another. isn't that a delightful common view for us? :) beautiful pictures of the blue hour.

  4. I can't believe I had never heard that term before....The Blue Hour....I'm going to start using that...very appropriate! Did that come from somewhere or is that a Mrs. Rabe original?


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