Home Keeping: Replacing Towels

Recently, I've noticed the lack of decent towels in the house.  It has snuck up on me.  We've had most of our towels for many years, and since they were still in okay shape we used them.

Most of us now have a particular towel we use for showers and the other towels are 'extras', used by those without a particular towel or guests.  Most of these 'extras' will be moving into the rag box.

We seem to have a ton of hand towels, many stained.  I've often wondered how towels, that are to dry hands that have been WASHED, can get stained.  Badly.  Can anyone explain that to me?

For a while I had been talking about getting all white towels.  They look so great when you stay in a nice hotel or resort, don't they?  But the reality, at least for us here at the cottage, is that they would only be nice for a few weeks.

When I mentioned that to Tim last week, he said, "Why don't you just buy a different color?"  It was like an epiphany!  Seriously.  I was married to the idea of all white towels, until he said that.  Now I feel the freedom to get something different! Lol!

So now the big question is what color?  I thought of all navy.  I love that color and it wouldn't show a stain very easily.  Tim says I should just buy any colors that I like.  I do LOVE color, but I wasn't sure that I wanted the towels to look like the circus was in town.  

When we had all six kids living here, we did have different color towels for each kid.  That was helpful on many levels, especially for training little ones to make sure they hang up their towels to dry! It was easy to see who had forgotten to hang up their towel!

I think I'm going to enjoy the process of buying new towels, hand towels, and wash cloths.  We are in serious need of wash cloths.

What do you do at your house?  All one color?  Different colors?  Do you have different towel colors for different bathrooms? 


  1. Good Morning Deanna....first posting on your blog, but I'm a faithful follower.....we have three baths, each bath has its own colored towels, his bath, her bath and then guest....his gets brown, hers gets ivory, guest is reddish...I love white but oh boy it wouldn't last long....so I go with ivory for my bath......
    Have fun choosing...can't wait to see what you pick


  2. Like this post. :-) It's an area I'm always working with. We have 3 main bathrooms in our house, and all have different color schemes, so I have towels to match/coordinate with each room , making it easier for my children to know which bathroom the different towels go to when putting folded wash away. Also, I have found out my husband likes good towels and wants me to buy new ones more often. When told that, well, it makes it fun to go buy new towels. ;-) Truly, they aren't that expensive when found on a good sale. I do have some white towels, but yes, the beef against those is that they miraculously become stained, with much use! My favorite colors are a medium color...like aqua, green, rose, blue, gray, and even tan for the boys bath, etc. The darker ones tend to bleed or show lint, etc. Just my few thoughts...take them or leave them! :-)

  3. When we moved here back in August, I kept our towels, and the ones we have now are still okay. They are a mix of colors, b/c love color, lol. However, I'm prob going with brown next time, for an earthy feel. I'll be adding in one or two at a time til I replenish our stash. White or ivory? No way, too hard to keep clean! (and, the white towels at hotels will seem more of a treat, lolol) :D

  4. I have been switching to white because they bleach so nicely. It has taken years and I do mean years. I have many colored towels of all varieties. I think it's great when homemakers have lovely linens. Not my strong suit. I am willing to put up with almost anything, =\

  5. I have a mix such as you describe in the linen closet for guests. They are getting old but are still workable. When we painted our bathroom a light blue I got us light gray towels. It was hard to get the color I wanted as there are MANY shades of gray as we all know, but I finally did. It took a lot of shopping because I wasn't sure of online colors so wanted to see them in person. Just remember you probably can save money by buying less hand towels.

  6. We are in serious need of new towels. I bought some 5 years ago and I went all white with the same thought you shared. But I regret it bad. I will probably go with a tan color when I replace them.

  7. I'm still chuckling about the white hand towels that get stains. Sorry, can't help you! If you find out, let me know, hahaha

    We have two colors or should I say one color of towels. Husband has beige and I have black. Not very exciting. Let us know what you choose.

  8. We have white towels and it's not a problem, but then we don't have children that live here every day! Just bought some grey ones and love that look.

  9. Fun question!!! We use basically the same color scheme throughout our home...not boring so much as useful because I like to move things around...... regularly! So, I buy towels in that palette and share them between the two baths...sometimes the accent colors change and it's more like stealing the extras to accommodate my new ideas :^) I have even been known to snitch a kitchen towel for an accent hand towel in the bath!


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