Saturday, February 25, 2017

Popping In With A Few Photos

We are enjoying our visit with Emma, Vinnie and Isla.  We are happy that she is easy going, and will let us hold her and play.  We don't see her often so, having her be outgoing is a blessing.

I got to see my other grandgirlies today, too!  Klaire had an well baby check and I dropped Kayleigh and Klaire and took Kamryn to be my helper at the store.  She did such a good job, that I bought her a roll of Life Savers!


  1. What a sweet granddaughter. Have fun!

  2. A delightful age! And such a sweet baby. I know you are savoring every moment with her.

  3. She's darling! Glad that she is not "strange." The term used here for babies who prefer their mamas exclusively. One of my children was "strange" and one was not. Ha! treat for a job well done!

  4. What an adorable granddaughter..,enjoy her..,they are such a blessing!

  5. Delightful!! Isla is adorable!! Enjoy the moments . . .

  6. Looks to be a mutual admiration society there! :)


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