Picnic Supper

 Our weather has been beautiful.  A few pockets of heat, but overall very nice.  Today was especially great and I spent most of the day on the deck.  

I'm really enjoying this space this year.  The deck is not really nice, its old and needs to be replaced, but that's a job for another year.  So I have made it the nicest space I can with what I have to work with.

 The benches are the ones we used to use at our kitchen table.  We no longer needed them at the kitchen table every day, so i moved the outside to the deck.  The other bench is parallel to the table and provides nice seating.

I also have my red metal chairs that I painted.  You can read about that here.  But we also bought two other red chairs at Christmas Tree Shops!

 They are really nice chairs and a good price!  I bought them to use to sit across the creek under the trees, but they work well on our deck, too!

I bought some patriotic bunting at Christmas Tree Shops a few weeks ago.  I'm enjoying them out on the deck.  I think they add a festive element to this space.

Because the weather was so nice, and we had some foods left over from yesterday, I cooked up some chicken tenderloins and we had a nice picnic supper on the deck this evening.  

Chicken, salads, and fruit.  It was delicious!

Ree Drummond's dishes made the table even more welcoming!

Do you like to eat meals outside?  Have any of you enjoyed a picnic supper this summer?


  1. We eat outside a lot here in the country! Tonight Dean brought down a pork roast he had cooked with carrots and potatoes in gravy. I added a salad and apple pie for the dessert. At home we often eat meals in the gazebo. Does wine, cheese and crackers count? We love to have that late at nigh on our driveway with our feet propped up on the stone wall. I loved being your deck area! Use what we have is my motto! If we wait until everything is perfect - well, we waste so many lovely experiences!

  2. I do like meals on the deck. (I had hoped to paint mine this summer, but the weather has been most uncooperative.) Your deck is well appointed, looks great, and the bunting is fabulous. Makes me want to get to a Christmas Tree Shop.

  3. I do love to eat outside, a picnic is always nice. Love the plates.

  4. If the weather is cool enough...food tastes simply marvelous outdoors...darling little picnic Deanna...love the mix match of the plates...very cottage looking.

  5. Your deck and picnic are picture perfect! I love it. So welcoming and festive.

  6. I love the red chairs! I love the PW plates! And I so agree with Linda's comment. If we wait for everything to be perfect, we miss out on many opportunities!

    We enjoy eating on our sun porch any night that it is not too hot. It's like being outside without the bugs. :)

  7. I don't think there's anything wrong with your deck at all... our deck is as old as the house which would be 32 years old. I just love your beautiful setting and that view! Loving the red, white & blue...and of course the Pioneer Woman plates!

  8. Your deck looks perfect to me...of course, all I saw was those red chairs and that view!! Dreamy!!

  9. Oh yes, your dinner outside is perfect! We have not had dinner outside but have enjoyed morning coffee and a picnic lunch:) Have a beautifully blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Our weather has been unusually beautiful with low humidity and we've been eating on the porch. Your deck looks great!

  11. I love Christmas Tree Shops. We have several in our state but almost never get to one. Your deck looks great. We got a new deck (replaced an old one) a couple years ago and I was just thinking we need to get a small table and chairs for it.

  12. I do enjoy eating on the deck. Now that summer seems to have finally arrived, I'm planning a meal out here tonight (I'm on the deck drinking my morning tea and blogging!)

  13. Lovely! I hopped over here from Vee's post about the blueberry towel! I am reading through your blog posts... so nice to meet you! It is funny that my hubby and I had been trying to find bunting about that size to hang on one of our windows. We found one way too large (6 ft across) at Home Depot, but there's a Christmas Tree Shoppe about 2 miles from our house. He's on his way now.

    1. Welcome! Happy to have you here! Isn't that fun, about the bunting? I hope they still have them! They were only $3.99 each!

  14. Ha... Thanks for hopping over to my blog and for your kind comments! We are now the proud owners of 3 buntings! :) Serendipity for sure. Happy 4th!!


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