Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Little Change

My green dresser has been in my closet for several years, and my white desk was next to my bed as a night stand.

This past weekend I switched them around.

I actually have more room in my closet now which helps functionality.  The dresser is just fine next to my side of the bed.

You know how one change can lead to another?  I'm thinking now that my dresser needs a new color.  It has been this green for over a decade.

Definitely time for a change.


  1. You know me! I'm right there cheering you on! House-y change is good!! (Other changes, not so much. But there's not much we can do about those.)

    Keep us posted on the new color!

  2. First thought: "Oh, how I wish I had a closet that big!"
    Second thought: "I can't wait to see what color she paints that dresser!"

  3. Phew! I remembered to create my comment elsewhere. It’s the little things, Deanna.

    I missed both of the grandgirlies’ birthdays, but I know that they were celebrated. Two of the cutest little girls I “know” and growing like crazy. They’ll be running all over pretty soon!

    You enjoy painting. 🙂 I can make paint last for 50 years whether it wants to or not. Happy rearranging!

  4. Love the green, but understand after awhile you need a change. I rearranged my bedroom a few weeks ago and pulled a muscle, guess it'll stay like it is from now on.

  5. I need cha-cha-change in my closet too:) Thanks for sharing, you inspire me! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  6. Change is always a "good thing', as for me, my closet needs a complete re-arranging. Your change is nice, so organized. Have a blessed day,

  7. I'd love to have a closet that large!! I am hoping to get mine reorganized soon, but we will see. As for the green dresser, I would leave it green. It's a gorgeous color!

  8. I can't change very much due to the way our house is set up. Not to mention a husband who cannot stand even a work of art moved around (which I tend to do more than he likes, I admit). But that change looks beautiful.

  9. Spring and fall...I find that when the seasons change, I change things up, too!


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