Babysitting My Granddaughters

I babysit the girls about once a week.  They arrive before 7:00 am usually, and sometimes Kamryn goes back to sleep on the couch for a while, but Klaire never does.

Yesterday, they both stayed awake.  Auntie Rachel left for work, but Grandpa was here for a few hours in the morning, so that was a treat!  He read them a story, and we had breakfast together.  

After that it was bathtime (They always arrive in their jammies, and Kamryn loves a bubble bath.) Klaire is always quickly in and out, and by the time I had her dressed, I could tell she was sleepy.  I was happy to hold her, and she snuggled right into me and fell asleep.  Hey, its a rough grandma life, but someone has to do it!

Kyle and Kamryn went out to play in our inch of snow before it all melted, and enjoyed fresh air and sunshine.  Then they came in and did some schoolwork.  After Klaire woke, I did a reading lesson with Kamryn, and then she did a few pages in a BrainQuest workbook.

My mom was released from the hospital yesterday mid morning, and wanted to see the girls, so they came by for about a half and hour.  Klaire played with the magnetic 'paper' dolls, and had lunch.  I had Sarah take Klaire for a while so I could get a few things done. There was a lot of nerf gun shooting in the basement, a little video watching, and it was time for Kayleigh to pick them up.

Kyle finished his school work, folded some clothes, Tim came home, so did Rachel.  We made fajitas for dinner, and watched a movie in the evening.

I've found my groove, I think, having little ones in the house for the whole day.  We'd gotten used to all older kids, and independence.  The girls are sweet, and they listen well, but its basic training of what they can get into, what they can't (this is Klaire mainly at 17 months), and what we're going to do.  I find Kamryn does well with set activities - a bit of a routine - when she's here.

Thank you again for all your prayers for my mom.  She's very happy to be at home.  


  1. It sounds like a busy, but smoothly run day . . . perhaps with a bit of noise thrown in for good measure! (Don't want things to get boring!) There is nothing like a baby falling asleep in your arms!!

  2. So glad to hear that your mom is home...and the girls are darling. Exhausting, but rewarding and enjoyable I'm sure. Lucky, lucky grandma!

  3. I must have missed the post about your mom...glad to hear she is doing better. I remember those days when I watched the grand babies a couple days a week. There was no way to plan on doing anything else on those days...they were just two years apart! Great bonding time for us!

  4. Happy to hear your mom is home. Sounds like you've got it down to a system with the little ones there! Savor these moments ---though you probably will have many grands!

  5. I'm so sorry I havent been by to see what's been going on lately. I didn't know about your mother but I'm so glad she is okay. I'm going now to see what I missed.....

  6. So glad that you have found a rhythm to the day with your grandgirlies there.

    And very glad that your mother is home from the hospital and doing great. God is good.

  7. Looks like the PERFECT day to me:) Nothing sweeter than snuggling with those little ones. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Happy to hear your Mom is better..what a scare this must have been for you! Precious must love spending this time with them!

  9. What an interesting and varied day you enjoyed! ♥


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