Snowy Start To Spring

Friends, Monday was a gorgeous spring day.  I ran errands without a jacket of any kind; I only wore a light cardigan.  It was delightful.

We’d been seeing weather reports about snow but mostly this winter storms have come with a dusting or an inch or two and pretty clear roads.  It stared to snow yesterday and hasn’t stopped.  Its been heavy at times, but steady.  We had sleet and ice overnight which is packing the snow down.  The plows have been busy and the roads are passable.



It’s enough of a mess though that appointments have been rescheduled and I was looking forward to tea with a friend today.  Not happening.  Instead I am sitting with my diffuser going and enjoying a quiet nature sounds station on Amazon Music.  I've also been reading.

It’ll be over tomorrow and that’s good since we have our spring co-op concert rehearsal tomorrow and the concert Friday night.


  1. Beautiful snow! An inspiring words...It is God's will..

  2. Sounds as if you have made all the best decisions. I would be harrumphing all over the place. I already am on your behalf. You have that quiet assurance that tulips will bloom again. (Still disappointments are never easy. Hope you’ve already re-set the tea date!)

  3. I was feeling guilty about not getting to the gym this week, but the Y is closed. So it's a no-guilt, stay-in snow day. Did some low carb baking and will make two ingredient pizza dough for dinner.

  4. I think we are all anxiously waiting for Spring now....but there is more snow forecast for UK round Easter time.

  5. Snow here, too! They said up until 11 inches, but so far the totals seem to be much, much less. I'm happy about that!

  6. We've had a bit of snow here today. All in all, a snow day now and then is a good excuse to stay tucked inside and I am a cool weather person at heart. But I have to admit to hoping for a little warm-up. And sunshine. How I've missed the sunshine!

    Spring must be on its way though! It's exciting that your co-op is having its spring concert this weekend! That will be fun!


  7. Yes, it's hard to know what to wear these days, the weather has been so crazy!


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