Friday Five

I like the idea of posting Five things on Friday, so I am going to keep with it for a while.

This week is all about Five things that happened since last Friday.

1. Rachel and I went to see Seussical performed by a local theater group and we enjoyed it so much!  

Bonus - Rachel works with the Cat in the Hat!

2. Our chickens are laying very well this year.

We keep old egg cartons, so we can store the eggs easier and it makes it easier to share eggs with friends.  These five dozen didn't count the eggs in a bowl on the counter.

3. Tim and I went to a company dinner with our friends' business that he does subcontracting work for.  It was held at the historic Marshalton Inn.  It was a lovely place, Colonial in style.  Cheryl, you would love the interior of this place!

4.  I got to have a fun lunch out with these people this week!

They are all introverts, so I have to take photos of them before they catch me or I get the look that Tim is giving me in this photo!  LOL!

5.  I'm really enjoying the plants I bought at Aldi last Friday!  They were $5.99 each.  They are making our cottage look happier, with all the lovely green!

I'm desperate to repaint my kitchen cabinets and Tim has an inspection and then going to help our friend move back to his own apartment on Saturday, so I may buy paint today and try to get those cabinets done tomorrow!  It won't be as big a task as when I took them from wood to Old White.  I'll be doing a brighter white this time but still haven't decided what color exactly yet. 

Do you have favorite white paint colors?  Please share them with me!  We'll chat in the comments!


  1. Oooo . . . I am loving that glimpse of Marshalton Inn that you have shared! I like your Friday Five; it's a fun way to collect little (and big) things from the week. I also love the baby blanket that you're making for you new grandson, but I didn't get back to comment yesterday. Love those colors! I'm sure you're all getting excited!

    We have two gatherings here at Pineapple House this weekend. Off to prepare . . .

    Happy weekend to all of you!!

  2. There are so many different whites. One of my favourites is Linen white by Laura Ashley, it is very gentle.

  3. That inn looks beautiful, and just having done a session on centerpieces/tablescapes with our mentor group, I am appreciating the simplicity of the single candle. To me, you can't beat that for simple elegance in dining. So you live with a family of introverts? Here too!

  4. 1. You tell Tim that you have a blog to run! Ditto Kyle! 😉
    2. Lindsay gets an A!
    3. Jealous of those five dozen eggs...
    4. Beautiful green plants (ivy) in the cottage.
    5. What?! You’re going to paint the cupboards again?!

  5. Ah, my Internet is spotty and I just lost my comment. You have been a busy lady!

  6. I painted my cabinet white, I used the Benjamin Moore cabinet paint, I kept a small jar of the paint in the refrigerator if I need to touch up a spot.

  7. Seussical, so fun! I am going again today to watch two granddaughters perform again:) Great pictures of those who don't like to have their pictures made, I am like you and take them anyway:) Enjoy your day dear friend, hugs!

  8. Your week looks like a ton of fun. My daughters were in Seussical and I made the costumes many years ago. One was Gertrude and the other was many sweet memories! Good luck with the cabinets. Can't wait to see...


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