Full Weekend

This was my view this morning when I opened the curtains.  A few minutes later I sat down in the living room to read and this was my view out the front window.

My friend the moon still shining...

and turning my head to look out the deck doors I could see the sun!

I had the best seat in the house this morning!

I have the little grandgirlies with me today, so I am working on my blog post while they are still quiet and sleepy.  (grin)

Kyle and I worked in his bedroom on Saturday.  He's a naturally lazy kid (takes after his Momma), so I am trying to help him learn the joy of keeping his room tidy. Its also a great discipline for his life.

I took this photo after we had made a huge start on his closet.  I started the process by going through his clothes and removing anything that was now too small.  He's been growing lately, and there was a big bag of boy clothes that went to Joseph's younger brothers!  I also now know that he has a ton of shirts, but needs pants and shorts for the warmer weather ahead!

His bookcase tends to gather bits and pieces of his life

As does his desk, along with a half a billion lego pieces!

We tamed the legos with a big under the bed bin, 

found a million socks in the closet and under his bed...
 He needs new bins for his stuff...

We got rid of toys that were broken, saved a few that he's outgrown, but he has nieces and now a nephew on the way, so they were saved for little visitors.

I've been wanting to work on updating his bedroom since he will be 13 this summer.  We made a good starting place now, that his room is CLEAN and organized!

It makes me feel better when I see his room!  Now for the hard part!  Keeping it clean!  This is where that discipline part comes in!


  1. It is always easier to keep a tidy room tidy than to start from scratch! Well done! Maybe he’d enjoy creating zones for his room so he never has to tackle it all at once.

  2. Oh yes, that sun is shining here too:) I love the morning, sitting with my coffee! It is hard to get the kids to keep their rooms clean. I helped in my Granddaughter's room last week, big job and I am sure it is messy again! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I wonder how long it will last! Boys bedrooms are very much their own territory and everything seems to end up on a shelf or under a bed!

  4. A project like that takes time! I have no doubt that it filled your weekend. But oh, how wonderful it feels to get something organized! (How can Kyle be 13 this summer?!)

  5. I love restoring order to a place! The guest room is a wreck. So much so that I dread even going in there to tackle it and have been putting it off day after day.....

  6. Well done! I can imagine how satisfied you felt after completing this project!

  7. I love your moon and sun seat! What a glorious way to begin the day!

  8. I remember those days of helping the boys deep clean their rooms. Under the bed was a gold mine!


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