Family Five

1. Emma had a birthday yesterday and Vinnie's is today!  Happy Birthday to them both!  They are dearly loved and missed, but they are thriving and happy, and that little munchie Isla is something else!  Big personality in a little person.  Her mama was the same way!

2. Emma being one day older than Vinnie continues the tradition of Rabe women being older than their husbands.  Its not true straight across the board but Tim's sister is older than her husband, our sister in law is older than Tim's brother, I'm older than Tim, Tim's mom was older than her husband, Lindsay is older than Joseph.  

You'd never guess we women were older than our men, would you?

3.  I'm blessed by this man everyday.  He's hardworking, loves the Lord, loves his family, and he's easy on the eyes!


This sweet girl and I have become live theatre buddies.  Tonight we are seeing a local production of Seussical!  

5. We have two big birthdays this year.

Sarah is going to be 16 this summer,

and hard to believe this guy will be 13!

Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. Fun post! No, I would never guess that you ladies all robbed the cradle. 😉 That Kyle! LOL!

  2. I love the idea of a "Family Five"! So much fun to read about your dear family! I totally loved the video montage you made of your Tim. And Kyle's video . . . made me laugh all over again! Soooo "boy"!

    Happy birthday to Emma and her younger husband Vinnie! :)

  3. I, too, "robbed the cradle"!
    Happy birthdays to all.

  4. Great post! We have a birthday in our family this weekend. And this time I have a little assistant cook to help with all the preparations! We'll make some memories!

  5. Elisabeth just turned sixteen in February. Somehow that is very hard to wrap my head around. It seems like yesterday she was born and I became a grandmother for the first time. Uh, Pete is a little over seven years older than I am so I can't be in your club. :)

  6. Lots of happy celebrations. Here's to many more. Love the photographs.


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