Friday, April 13, 2018

Mani/Pedi Night

Our daughter in law, Kayleigh, is going to cosmotology school to be a nail tech.  The school had a free mani/pedi night so the students could practice.  We ladies all went, including Lindsay and my mom.

Lindsay, my mom, and I all got manicures.  We got the full treatment, including hand soak, and hand massage.

Mom chose a pretty mauve color.

Lindsay went for bold and fun.

 Kay did my manicure.

 She does acrylics on her nails.  I always thought that acrylics were always plain and you had polish applied, but hers are done with colored acrylics and have no polish on them at all.

Rachel and Sarah got the full pedicure treatment.
 You can tell they enjoyed themselves fully.

Here are my nails.

We had a good time, and it was especially fun to do it together, and support Kay and the other women in their training.


  1. How fun for all of you! Pretty color that you picked.

  2. So much fun!! Girl-bonding and pretty nails!

  3. That's a nice thing to do together...and I love the colour you chose!

  4. I like the color you chose, too!
    (I'm really curious about Kay's tattoo. I tried and tried to read it but couldn't :)

  5. You have such pretty hands! This was such a fun thing to do as a group.


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