Friday Five

Lots of flowers in the five this week, let's go.

1. So many flowers in bloom in the garden makes for sweet bouquets.

2. The Annabelle hydrangea is thriving in spite of the heat we've been experiencing!

3. Lindsay planted this lavender for my birthday and its doing great!

4. I found this sweet journal at the tea shop.  I'm using it to keep a household journal.

5.  The sweetest flower of all napping on on one of my new pillows.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow....that hydrangea !! Envious.

  2. "The sweetest flower of all"...indeed! Happy weekend.

  3. I have a household journal but not so pretty. I think you'll be glad you have one if you haven't had one before. Have a good weekend, hopefully a little cooler.


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