Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Garden In Early July

Its been very hot for the last few weeks, and I am thankful we had a few times of rain.  

Right now I have hydrangea, echinacea, feverfew, larkspur, daylilies, and roses in bloom. My black-eyed susans are nearly in bloom, too.

This is gooseneck loosestrife.  Its invasive, so you have to be ruthless with it, but its a really neat flowering plant.

When Rick and Jane were here, Rick trimmed all my shrubs for me.  They look nice and tidy now.

How is your garden growing?


  1. My garden had a doe visit and mow it down earlier this week. It is so discouraging...all the roses, lilies, even parts of the potentilla that they are not supposed to like...oh and all the tall phlox. Acckkk...

    Otherwise the hanging plants are as tired of the heat as I am. Limp by two in the afternoon despite being well-watered.

    Your garden always has that wonderful cottage garden look just as you planned, I'm sure.

  2. Gardens are growing apace here, despite the lack of rain. Your Echinacea is just so pretty. I think I must plant some for next year.

  3. my garden is growing but certainly not lush like your own. beautiful, deanna!

    ***gooseneck loosestrife*** .. i recently rec'd flowers with this plant as part of the mix and wondered about its name. thank you!

  4. Yours is SO beautiful! Mine is trying to keep up with the weeds! 😀

  5. My hydrangea is not doing well at all. It has begin to look sickly. I am doing all the tips I know. Any suggestions? Of course it is 102 to 105 here. HOT! My Mexican petunia is pretty and black eye Susan's, Touch Me Not is pretty!!! Tomatoes are doing great, herb garden...oh my lavender is doing so good. This is the first time lavender has been successful for me. Your garden looks lovely!

  6. It all looks lovely! A lot easier to spend money on Perennials, and also less time consuming!


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