Monday, July 9, 2018

Home Keeping: Hall Bathroom

This is the bathroom that we repainted this bathroom 2 years ago.  You can see a post about that here, and here is a link to what it was before. 

I really love the way the look of the Hall Bathroom.  I bought a new laundry hamper and rug, and I really like it.

I still have plans to change out this vanity to something more stream lined.  I'd like a pedestal sink in here as this room as a decent linen closet, so storage isn't a problem.  I think it would open up the room, too.  Also both this bathroom and the master bathroom will be getting new toilets.  

We've done no structural changes at all, though hopefully in the next few years the master bath will be getting an overhaul.  Our home is 30 years old and will need a new roof, so perhaps we can install some of the newer options for bringing natural light into rooms.

I love to dream of possibilites, don't you?


  1. I'm ALWAYS dreamingšŸ˜€
    Your bathroom is love; your ideas , great!

  2. Sometimes. I am finding that the older I become, the less I like big messes that come with the “possibilites.” So I settle.

  3. Yes, I do and I like to change things without total renovation! I’m just too tired for all that.

  4. Your bath makeover looks very attractive, Deanna. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get an update? I have done over our main bath a couple of times and it will stay the way it is now because my decorating days are pretty much over. No more painting and wall papering for me. But I'm still liking it the way it is although Hubby would like a small change here and there. Any changes I make now will be towels, shower curtain and rug which is easy. Enjoy your new room! Blessings...Sandi


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