Tea On Tuesday

Last Friday, I treated my sister in law, two nieces, and Lindsay to tea.  It had been one week since being at the Tea Trolley with a group of friends.

My nieces, ages 14 and 10, had never been to tea although the older one drinks tea at a friends house.  She'd only ever had it out of mugs.  This niece has a heart for beauty, and ritual and she loved it!

The youngest one got the Teddy Bear Tea and enjoyed it.  She also bought a tea set for girls, afterward, in a sweet basket!

My sister in law, is by nature, a very practical person.  She doesn't usually do things like Afternoon Tea, but she really enjoyed herself and she began talking to her daughters about how they could do this at their house with friends!

My husband and his siblings were MK's (missionary kids) in West Africa, and went to a British Mission's boarding school.  My sister in law has recipes for scones (which she said they had regularly at school) and for Scottish shortbread!

In the small gift shop after tea, they were admiring a medium sized tea pot, and decided to buy it.  I was excited for them, and hugged my sister in law saying, "You've begun your collection!"  She laughed and said, "Its for you!"


Isn't it sweet?  I love the berries and roses on it!

I didn't expect that at all.  What a kind, and thoughtful gesture.

I love taking the time for tea with a friend or two, or a larger group.  I love how it makes us feel to use fine things, and to eat treats and drink tea in fine china cups.  

Joining in on the fun here - 

Tuesday Cuppa Tea



  1. We are great lovers of afternoon tea here in England. My grandma had a beautiful tea set, with silver teapot, and used to make the most delicious cakes for afternoon tea. Happy memories brought back by reading your post!

  2. Lovely. I have only been to tea in an actual tea shop once. It was fun. I didn't know your husband grew up abroad. How interesting...

  3. What a sweet gift from your SIL. I'm glad that your nieces and SIL enjoyed their tea time with you.

  4. Great tea time!Wonderful china!Hugs!

  5. Oh I love this! We women can tend to be ultra frugal, yet our God is so extravagant with us. Taking tea requires time and that is the best gift of it. Your new tea pot is beautiful and your sister-in-law was so sweet to gift you with it.

  6. I like having medium or small teapots, and have quite a collection. It's fun to give each person their own teapot with their choice of tea in it. Looks like a wonderful time together.

  7. Deanna, I lovelovelove this post! Introducing people to tea (the beverage AND the occasion) is one of my favorite things. Keep up the good work!

  8. Woh I like your posts, saved to bookmarks!


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