Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Future House Projects

We've lived in our home for 17 years, and when we bought it, it was a fixer upper.  We fixed it up and it has served us so well.

Now, though, it is showing its need of being updated, and somethings like windows, need to be replaced.

So I am making a list here of things that we'd like to get done on the house in the next few years.  Some are big things like siding, and others small like paint.

Here goes - 

1. Replace the windows.  If we'd had the funds we'd have done this when we bought the house, but it is time.

This bow window needs to be replaced.  I want to do a flat window here with side windows that will open to allow good air flow.  Also, Tim would one day like to do a porch on the front of the house and a bow window would eat into the sitting space.

Maybe something like this - 

Image result for flat window with two side sash windows

2. Re-Side the house.  We know what kind of siding we want, and what color, so its a matter of deciding when.  I'd like to have both of these done before the end of July.

We like the look of this siding - 
Related image

Our house is much smaller, but we've seen this siding locally on a house similar to ours and it looks great, too!

3. A new deck.

4. Paint the living room/kitchen, the hallway, and Rachel's bedroom.  The color I'm look at is a Colonial Williamsburg color that I am holding in the photo below.  It is a bit more aged gold, than the sunny yellow in our kitchen/living room.

 However, it matches nearly identically to the color in Rachel's bedroom (which used to be our bedroom).
The lighting in the house is so different based on time of day, and if we have blue skies or overcast.  Today is overcast.

Let's just say that I love the color and it will make my English cottage still warm and welcoming, but give me a change in color tone.
5. Bathroom Remodel - We want to take the garden tub out of the master bathroom and put in a walk in shower.  Then the small shower can come out and become a linen closet.

Something like this, but without the window.

Many of these projects are DIY potentially, because Tim can do much of the work, and we have very handy and skilled young friends!

I'm determined to get some of these projects accomplished this year.  The bathroom is a remodel project but the rest are just cosmetic changes, and so I feel they are very doable.

What do you think?


  1. I love house projects! Yes, I think yours sound doable! Freshening up your surroundings along with making some needed changes is such a boost! Keep us posted along the way!

  2. Oh yes, I am in the mood to do some updating too:) My hubby isn't so DIY... so I will have to hire mine done. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I think you have got a lot of work to come! But how nice it will be when it is finished and you have the satisfaction of a 'new' house!

  4. I think these are great ideas!

    My in-laws had all their windows replaced not too long ago. They love it. No drafts, noise is limited. We had our siding done a few years ago. It made a big difference.

    I have bathroom remodeling plans too...but I am a little overwhelmed with all the choices of things that can be done and how to do them. I'm interested to see what you do! Mine is totally DIY.

  5. I think you will love the changes! It’s a lot of work and a lot of $. Pace yourselves. (This is one of my pet peeves about home ownership. Something always needs doing. 😁) And, of course, your reading audience will enjoy seeing the process.

  6. If you can ever use me on one of the projects, let me know! I would love to help with some spare time.

  7. They sound like big projects to me, but you will get them done I'm sure. It sounds like you have some volunteer help too. Now that the pollen is about done we can get to work on cleaning the porch and other outdoor chores.

  8. I love house projects. There's always something going on here, too. I'm really astounded at the different looks of that same paint chip. I'm dithering over a new paint colour for our living/dining room.

  9. I think you are ambitious! I admire the thought and effort you put into planning. I can't wait to see the process and results!

  10. We've been here for 17 years, too and it's time to start re-doing some of the things we did before. Yikes. I'm interested to follow your progress.


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