Since We've Been Home

I feel as if I disappeared after Wednesday's post.  I'm sorry about that.  We arrived back home last Monday morning from a quick trip to Florida for a family reunion.  

Tuesday evening we'd had a call from Tim's sister to say that Tim's mom had had another mini stroke, and her mobility was hindered, and seemed to be struggling cognitively.

In the days since then she has continued to improve, and other than needing help to get from place to place, and she was not able to feed herself, she was quite stable.  Tim spoke with her on Saturday, and she was doing well, had a good appetite, but still couldn't feed herself.  We had a text last night saying that she fed herself dinner! 

She always amazes us!

Friday morning Tim informed me that Lindsay's horse Sandy, was having some kind of issue.  Lindsay was on her way, and she had called the vet.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you already know that Sandy had a colic issue, and it wouldn't resolve, so we had to put her down.

It was heartbreaking.  We knew that at 29 she probably didn't have many more years left, but it was sudden and surprising.  She's always been really healthy, and only in the last  year did she start to show some 'age.'  

Lindsay, Tim, and I were with here when our vet administered the shot, and it was over quickly.  When we knew she had to be put down, the vet assured us it was the right decision.  We knew that, for Sandy's sake, and we are really pragmatic about our animals.  

But oh, it hurts.  Sandy's been a part of our lives since before Kyle was born, and though we didn't own her until he was two, Lindsay loved her all that time.

We covered her with a tarp, and then the discussion was about whether Tim would get a backhoe and bury her on our property, or call someone to come remove her.  Joseph and Lindsay chose to call someone, and they came Saturday afternoon.

Kamryn was totally heartbroken, too.  Lindsay and I talked yesterday about all the kids who've learned to ride on Sandy, or that Sandy had given rides to, over the years.  So many.

Yesterday we threw a surprise party for my dad, who turned 80 years old!  It was fun.

It was quite an emotional week, with ups and downs, but we're grateful for God's goodness and faithfulness to us in the midst of it all.


  1. One does become so attached to an animal who is part of the family. So hard for you all.

    1. It has been hard, and our other horse Cheyenne is now alone. Horses are pack animals so we need to think about what is best for her.

  2. It certainly was one of those weeks... Highs and feels as if life has become a roller coaster in weeks like this. So glad that Tim’s mom is recovering. Happy Birthday to your dad🎈Love his cake age as “don’t ask” 😊

    1. Roller Coaster is a good way to put it. When I saw those candles, I knew we had to have them for his cake!

  3. My goodness, it sounds like you've had quite a week- highs and lows. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad!! Lots going on with y'all......some good. some not so good. God is over all.....

  5. So thankful that Tim's mom is doing better and what a fun birthday cake for your dad! I can totally relate to losing a horse. It's amazing how attached we become and it's hard to lose them. They become a part of the family!

  6. How heartbreaking...I am far from pragmatic when it comes to animals and pets....I am sorry for this significant loss. and then there are happy celebrations....the highs and lows of life....I do wish you a very Happy Mother's Day Deanna.

  7. Such a heart-stirring week for you all!! Life is full of those highs and lows, but it can be challenging when so many occur at once. I was so sorry to learn of your loss. I know that Sandy was well-loved and it is sweet that she was a part of the memories of so many of your friends and loved ones. I am thrilled to hear that Jean has made (another) amazing rebound! She is in the Lord's loving and capable hands . . . and what a comfort that is. Happy, happy birthday to your dad! Eighty is a big deal and a reason to celebrate!


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