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We've lived in our cottage home for 17 years, and when we bought our home we worked on it for several months before moving in.  One thing I didn't want to spend money on was kitchen cabinets, so we thought we'd keep the outdated ones, and just paint them to give them a fresh look.  Well, it turned out that all the lower cabinets were in really bad shape, so we ended up with inexpensive pre-made cabinets.  I painted them a few years ago, and I am happy with them.

What we've never done is put knobs and drawer pulls on the cabinets.  I wanted something different than the basic ones that came with them and over the years, I just never wanted to spend the money it would take to put knobs and pulls on these cabinets. I have 9 drawers, and 15 doors in my kitchen and that's a lot of hardware which equals a lot of money.

Last week, Miss Mustard Seed (Marion Parsons) shared that she changed out the hardware on her desk and share the link to really nice drawer pulls.  I followed her link to Amazon and that lead me to hardware that I liked and fit my budget.

 I purchased a large set of knobs because the small set was not enough for my kitchen and I decided I could use them on my desk and the cabinet in the living room.  They will tie in nicely to the kitchen cabinets since the rooms are really one big open space.

The drawer pulls came a bit darker than the knobs, so I purchased Rub n' Buff in Antique Gold.

It take just a tiny bit to rub on some color and I even did the screw heads.  I think the pulls look more coppery than antique gold, but I like the way they look.  I just may need to use the Rub n' Buff on my knobs, too.

Now to get them hung on the cabinets.  I'll be sure to show you when that is finished!

Below are the links to the items I purchased.  I do not have an affiliate link, so if you want to copy the link and then go through Brenda's widget on her sidebar that'd be great.

knobs -

drawer pulls -

rub n' buff -


  1. Oh, pretty!! I love little changes with big impact. Can't wait to see them on.

  2. easy peasy ............... and beautiful.
    love the result using rub n'buff!
    thank you for the link. :)

  3. So cool! This is going to give your cabinets a great look! I am convinced.

  4. Funny at our mentor group last night we had a discussion on Rub N Buff ... the hostess had repainted an old cabinet and used that on all the hardware. Looked really good as does yours.

  5. Those are so pretty. I bet your cabinets look great!


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