Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Tea Time: New Tea Things

When we went to The Windsor Rose last week, Sarah was given this delightful tea cup to use.  I loved the graphics on it of the Queen drinking a cuppa and it has two corgis on the sides.

The banner reads "Long May She Reign."

I also bought a china mug that has a crown on it and it says, "Happy and Glorious" on the banner.

We also visited World Market and found Yorkshire Gold tea, Paris by Harney & Sons, and Tunnocks Tea Cakes!

These are delightful additions to my tea collection!


  1. World Market! I haven’t been to one in ages! They remind me of Cost Plus stores out in San Francisco! They had the best tea selections......
    Love your pretty cups! I’m going to find my favorite for my coffee this morning!

  2. Tunnocks Tea Cakes? Hmmm...wonder what those can be. I like your mug and tea cup, you Anglophiles you! 🇬🇧

  3. Paris is a favorite for me and Stephanie's family.

  4. I so love your tea collection. I had never drank coffee until recently and now I enjoy a cup. I keep hoping that I will develop a taste for tea as I would love to try all the different teas that are out there. Maybe if I keep trying it will come!

  5. Went to Harney and Sons tea room 11 years ago with my daughter who lived a few miles away from them at that time. Still order my teas from them - delicious and reasonably priced. Love your new cups!

  6. How sweet this is! Your lilacs are just so beautiful!

  7. Your new tea things look lovely against the lilacs which are a beautiful color. Glad you had a good time at the beach (previous post) with family. Enjoyed seeing the pics on fb. We have World markets around, but no pretty tea shops! :-{

  8. Beautiful! And we love those Harney & Sons teas. The tins are darling and so colorful!

  9. New tea and new mugs will freshen up tea time!! They're both great, but I especially like the mug with the queen. Fun!!


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