Wednesday, January 8, 2020

It's A Beautiful Morning And I'm Sharing Some Thoughts

After many days of grey skies, we have sunshine and blue skies!

We had about three inches of snow yesterday.  Really pretty, and I enjoyed sitting in my cozy chair watching the snow come down.

This is the view out of the deck door this morning.

These next two photos are out of the front door

Here is the same view an hour later

Brenda at It's A Beautiful Life posted a quote of something Joy Clarkson had written and it resonated in me because I really do believe it - 

"The world has always been on the cusp of disaster, the globe shall eventually be consumed by the sun, and all men do die in their time. Don't let this knowledge paralyse you. Live a valiant life, love deeply, create beauty, seek the things that outlast death. Don't be afraid.
This is what I remind myself of when the news makes me anxious. We're all going to die eventually. You weren't promised an easy life. You can't control the times you live in, but you can live well in your complicated times. And I have a sneaking suspicion love outlasts death.
And then I eat fish and chips because life is short and little pleasures must not be eschewed."
I really agree with this.  God created us and placed us in just this time in history for His purposes.  He wants to use us and also wants to use the things that scare us to draw us close to Him.  He wants us to keep looking at Him and to see what He has for us.

I want to live well in the life he's given me.  To me this means I'm going to keep my head up, and my eyes for those that Jesus brings into my life.  I'm going to love them, speak words of life to them, feed them good food, and laugh with them.

I'm going to keep encouraging them and casting forth joy and hope for them to grasp hold of.  I'm not just talking about my family.  I'm talking about neighbors, ladies in our co-op, my daughter's co-workers, friends.

I'm going to read good books, and watch good movies, and listen to good music.  I'm going to feed my soul with the Word, and with the beautiful words of others.

I'm going to drink tea, eat scones, rejoice when my daughter marries this spring, smile through tears when another daughter leaves for school in the fall.

Then I'm going to enjoy being the only female in a household of men.  I'm going to knit, and pray, and sing, and talk, and share beauty as long as God grants me life.

So who's with me?


  1. Very sensible approach. Fretting changes nothing. The way we can approach these troubled times is with prayer. (Say, I do like this format fwiw. Just one click! That is practical for bloggers who read a lot of blogs.)

  2. I agree with Vee, I like this format. So very beautiful, you take such lovely photos. I live in western NY and we are under a warning for more snow and high winds. Oh and I am studying History, minoring in Museum Studies.

  3. I'm with you! Excellent thoughts, and just what I am trying to live out in my own life. (Only I will substitute "crochet" or "embroider" for "knit".)

  4. Replies
    1. I am with you!! It was a hard day . . . and yet, I see God's hand and who could want for more?! Emmanuel: God with us! Amazing!!

  5. Very impressive snow. We dont have any here. Yet.
    I too enjoyed the quote when I read it on Brenda's post, it says so much.

  6. Yes, yes, and yes! Oh you took the words right out f my true they are! There is so much scariness and horror out there and it can truly cause one to want to just curl up in a ball and stay put, but that's not the abundant life we were meant for. This was such a timely, beautiful post...thank you for sharing!

    Count me in! ♥

  7. I am with you! Beautiful views, enjoy! HUGS!

  8. Wonderful thoughts! And beautiful beautiful photos. I'm more than ready for some snow here. Looks like we might get a little over the next few days. I really want a good old fashioned snow storm but I don't think that's in the forecast for us any time soon.

  9. I love the quote and your thoughts! I totally agree! I have always believed that, God didn't tell us it would be easy, but, He did tell us that it would be worth it! We do need to live life to it's fullest, enjoy the sweet moments with our families, work hard and thank our Father in Heaven for our blessings.

    Your photos are just gorgeous!! I love a beautiful sunny sky with crisp white snow!

  10. It will never be easy -- never has been -- but as long as I have dear ones to love and spend time with I can find good moment. There are a million ways to make the world a kinder place and that's what I'm trying to do as often as I can.

  11. Great thoughts and a wonderful attitude for uneasy times. Thank you for sharing them!


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