Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Unintended Blog Break

I feel as if I should say "Happy New Year!" all over again.  I really didn't intend to have a blog break, but the holidays and early January are filled with family celebrations, and we started co-op a week earlier than we normally do after the holidays.

Anyway, I hope that January is kind to you.  Ours has been pretty mild overall.  Last weekend was like spring 60 plus degrees!  I don't like the warm ups to be too mild because flowers and fruit trees get confused.  Last year a late winter warm up lead to cherry trees putting out their flowers and then we had a big freeze again and the cherry crop was not a good one.  Thankfully that didn't happen to the peaches, which are my personal favorites!

Yesterday, Kyle and I took our friend Denny to have outpatient surgery on his hands (ligament trigger release on all eight fingers) and then we went to breakfast, stopped by his doctors office for gloves for showering, picked up his prescription and came home.  

A few hours later I headed out the door with Sarah, who had worked all day, to the performing arts academy.  She had class and I was monitor in the student hang out area.  I was talking with a friend who is helping with costumes for Beauty and the Beast, and the gal in charge of costuming stopped to talk to us.  Next thing I knew, I was asked to help sew costumes, so we'll be doing that on Mondays and Thursdays during academy time.  We are just making the principles costumes, and adding details to the 'dishes', feather dusters, statues, etc....It's going to be fun!

From there I drove to Ephrata to meet Rachel for a consultation with the seamstress who is doing alterations on her dress.  Because we bought it online, I bought a size up from her normal size and we are having is shortened, taken in, bra cups added and bustling.  They will also press her dress so it will be ready to go on wedding day.  

I returned home around 7:30 pm.  I was glad to come into to my nice welcoming home.  Cheerful faces welcoming, and having a chance to sit and relax with people I love.  

Our friend Denny is staying with us for a week or so while he recovers. We give him our master bedroom with its on suite bathroom, and Rachel has given us her bedroom, and is sleeping downstairs.

Tonight, I am hosting ladies from my church for our month book discussion.  We are going through Sally and Sarah Clarkson's book "The Lifegiving Home."

I'm starting to take down the rest of the garlands and lights, from the holidays and let the house rest for a few weeks until spring.  I did buy some flowers at Trader Joe's the other day, and that is part of what has made me ready to put all the Christmas/winter stuff away.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I plan to be back tomorrow!


  1. Your poor friend Denny! My grandmother had finger done...pointer finger...and said that she’d never do it again. She did have excellent results and I know that your friend will, too.

    Yes, comes a day when we are ready to move forward from Christmas. I still have winter things because anything else would look ridiculous up here. All of Christmas is neatly packed away once again except for the inevitable stragglers.

    The wedding will be here before you know it. Sounds as if you are doing the next thing and that everything will come into line in good fashion.

    That Kyle is growing up fast. He’s such a happy, cute guy!

  2. It happens!! (Unintended blog breaks, that is. Sometimes there just isn't time to fit it all in!)

    Hearing about the wedding plans brings me back to last year when life was FULL of wedding talk and planning and excitement!! And now this year . . . so much has changed! This year it is baby talk and planning and excitement!!

    Saying a prayer that Denny will have a smooth and rapid recovery. And I am always startled by Kyle's pictures these days!

    Happy, busy days!!

  3. My husband had that done and will never have it done again...I think the doctor called Dyputerns (something like that-please excuse the mispelling). He use to box in the Marines and his hands are so messed up. ANYWAYS...

    Cool on sewing, and the wedding will be here before you know it, smiles.

  4. Life happens and a blog break just happens, it sounds like you are busy serving others. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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