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Normal Stuff For A Missionary Family

Tim's sister Esther always shows my blog to their mom so I try to post photos of the family that I know she'll want to see.

This photo is one of them.

Tim's brother Dan and our sister in law Sharon came by Sunday to say farewell, for now.  They leave on Tuesday to go back to Senegal, West Africa.  We love and appreciate them. 

Their daughters live near to us, all adults now and Uncle Tim helps them with questions about their cars or something with the house.  They are independent and don't need us for much, but its nice getting together for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  

Tim grew up in a missionary family, and we are all used to separations, due to someone being in a different country or living in a different state.  I guess that has helped us all to stay close in spite of not living close to one another.  We know that even if we don't talk often, when we get together we pick right back up!  

We have family spread out from coast to coast, in Alaska, in Hawaii, and in Afri…

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