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Friday Five

Sarah is headed to the Adirondacks today to visit Rachel for the weekend, and they're both happy about this!  She'll get to stay in her dorm room, too, so that'll be fun as well.

1. Late afternoon in the living room.  It still looks bright outside but evening was coming on.  

2. Tim surprised me with these flowers this week.  Its a lovely autumn bouquet!

3. A few weeks ago I brought this ivy inside from being on the table in my cottage garden.  It has grown in this spot, it must have been too rainy in the garden!

4. We had a heavy frost advisory overnight so my aloe, my ficus and the begonia/coleus planting that Nate and Kay gave me for Mother's Day were brought inside.

5. I bought this at the store this week!  I couldn't resist!

I feel as if autumn is hurtling toward Thanksgiving at breakneck speed!  As if I'll blink and find the holiday is here.  This year my girls (except for Rachel) and Emma's babies are headed, with me, to Texas for a visit with dear, dear f…

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