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Monday, September 25, 2023



It was a crazy weekend. Rain, Rain, Rain. My dad got transferred to rehab center on Friday. We didn't get to pick it and we are not pleased with it. They are understaffed. A nurse or aide dropped my dad helping him into his chair! "I've got you" but she didn't. My dad is unhurt and he likes the staff. "They are working so hard," dad says. 

There was no therapy done over the weekend, which is to be expected, but he's spent three days there already and nothing has been accomplished except the nurse dropping him.

Today, we'll be making some phone calls and see if we can get him moved. Health wise he's good, just needs to strengthen his body after being in bed so long.

My niece Kaitlin came down from New York, and visited my dad and stayed with my mom. It was so nice to see her.

 I worked on a knit hat for one of my grands, and I watched a movie.

Our friends Mike and his son Daniel (Tim and Kyle's besties) came over on Saturday, and Mike and Tim worked on adding some outdoor faucets that Tim wanted to add. They are larger capacity so they move a lot of water. Tim often has to take water totes with him, up to 500 gallons at times, for inspections. These faucets will help with the amount of time it takes to fill the totes.

Here are a few photos of the new kitchen.

This first photo is looking from my parents living room doorway into the kitchen. The farmhouse sink will be under the windows, and the dishwasher on the left side of the sink, with a cabinet of drawers next to it. The upper will be a glass doors.

On the right side of the sink will be a drawer then cupboard with shelves that extend to the right for bigger items that we don't use a lot. The upper will be an open shelving cupboard that wraps around to the other window.

The stove will go between the windows, with a pot filler and a wood range hood. The counters will go to the window sills and the cabinets on either side will have pull out shelves. I'll also have a narrow cabinet for cookies sheets, cooling racks, and muffin tins on one side of the stove and on the other a pull out spice rack then another cupboard with pull out shelves. 

They framed up the opening between our current kitchen and the new one, but won't cut through until the dry wall is done at least. this is to keep the dust down in our side of the house. Where the pink insulation is was where my kitchen window was.

The drywall guy will be here this week. We need to order flooring, and the countertops. Mom needs to choose paint colors for her rooms. Our family will be doing the painting once the drywall is done!

The cabinets should be in by mid November, and our contractor says the addition will be done the week before Thanksgiving. Whew! Can't wait to cook in this new space!

Thank you all for your prayers for my dad. I could use some prayers for wisdom in helping my parents navigate this rehab situation. I must advocate for my dad today and want to do it with kindness but strength and firmness, too.

I hope your weekend was a good one, too!

Friday, September 22, 2023

Information Friday


I'm loving this cozy academia look in my secretary. Autumn is here and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Chilly mornings, warm afternoons, cool evenings.

This is incredible!

Zelensky didn't do too well at the UN. However, Biden will still give him money and weapons, so not to worry.

You can read all about the insult {here}. 

In a year and a half we've given Ukraine 76.8 billion dollars. We are borrowing that money from the fed and have to pay it back with interest. This is going to cost your great-great grandkids.

How many people know that Zelensky was an actor, singer dancer? He was pretty vulgar. He also played a character that was an actor who became the president of Ukraine on tv. Not long after that, they put him up for president and he was "elected." 

He's sitting on the upper left side in the video!

All lies will be revealed...

They are doing this to Tim Ballard right now, too. DJT has had this happen to him, so has Justice Kavanaugh. Turns out that those accusations were false. But they work to destroy peoples lives who don't follow the Deep State plan.

Those trying to use Climate Crisis would have you believe that your car is too much of a problem!

Trump parades are making a comeback!

Have a great weekend, friends. God is good!

Monday, September 18, 2023


 This weekend was a beautiful one.

Saturday's weather was gorgeous, and we enjoyed Kamryn's first softball game. This is her first time playing. Kayleigh played as a girl and loved it.

Kam was playing right field in this photo. She got on base every at bat and scored at least twice, and her team won! 

In the afternoon, I changed my bedding out for autumn. Our weather has been nice during the day and chilly at night so the a/c is off and windows are open! Watson enjoyed this spot for the rest of the day.

In the evening we went to visit my dad. He wasn't feeling well. As the visit went on he felt better. Yesterday, they called us and told us they were transferring him to a local hospital. They found a bowel obstruction, that they think will clear on it's own, but if it doesn't they want him in our local hospital where there is a bigger surgical center. Also an associate of the surgeon who did his cancer surgery is attending him. They believe that his colon is irritated and swollen from the chemo. 
He was not on chemo very long before having an allergic reaction and some terrible side affects. He wishes he hadn't taken it. We are praying that God will heal his body of the chemo and allow his irritated colon to relax and calm.

I forgot to say that on Friday Tim and I met with the cabinet maker. That was amazing. This kitchen is going to be so user friendly for me and mom. The drawings only show the cabinets, but we will have a pot filler over the stove, too!

I'm having a farmhouse sink, some open shelving, glass doors on one cabinet, and shaker style cabinet doors. I'm in awe! Now we must pick out flooring and paint colors for the whole addition.

This morning when I took Kyle to work, and got this photo of one of their new colors for sheds! Such a pretty green and I want to brag on the door! Made by Kyle! This shed is a customed ordered shed and looks great!

If you are near Lancaster County and in need of a shed, chicken coop, outdoor seating, play gyms call Wes or Rachel at Black Bear Sheds! These are high quality and made in on site. (chicken coops are made at an Amish farm) Contact info {here}.

It was a rainy night and today is not raining just wet. We are supposed to have the gutter guys here today. This week will be opening up between the old and new kitchens and insulation will be going in, and maybe drywall? It's moving along well.

I guess that is about it for the weekend. I hope yours was a good one. Signs of autumn are everywhere here, and I'm so ready for it!

Friday, September 15, 2023

Information Friday


We are officially halfway through the month of September already, and it's a cool 52 degrees this morning! My limelight hydrangea is looking beautiful. 

I'm about ready to pull a ton of things from my front garden except the hydrangea, peonies, roses, and well I guess I'm just ready to pull weeds and cut things back!



Bobby Kennedy is right on in this video. Waking up millions of dems and independents. 

I wish this were a comedy skit but it's not. It's a real American who is a propogandist for Ukraine.

BlackRock has also stated that they want to buy up all the individually owned homes in the US. Think about that. One company would own all the homes. They could choose to not rent to people who opposed the government. Not good.

Remember, accusations are not proven truths. We must look to evidence!

Have a good weekend. I am hoping for a relaxing one. Lots going on!


  It was a crazy weekend. Rain, Rain, Rain. My dad got transferred  to rehab center on Friday. We didn't get to pick it and we are not p...