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Friday, June 28, 2024

Information Friday


This is another photo of the full moon from last Friday. I like to post a photo of something nice so that is what shows up on the thumbnails on blogs where I'm listed.

I'm sharing a lot of videos of the debate and that is mostly what this post is about, with a bit of commentary.

These are not in any particular order.

Biden starts off with having to blame Trump. What he says is mostly false. The economy under Trump, until covid, was incredible. Even with covid, the economy was picking up. They didn't inherit chaos.

Many people were making bingo cards for what Joe would talk about. So if you were using this one, the top left spot "Scranton Joe" would have a marker on it.

After Trump spoke on the border and mentioned that the Border Patrol had endorsed him, Biden when he rebutted stated that the Border Patrol had endorsed him not Trump! The Border Patrol quickly put this out on their social media.

This was after Joe accused Trump of saying he was going to get retribution on people when he's back in office. Trump explains that it's people like Joe who've done real crimes that could be prosecuted. Not as a personal vendetta. And of course Joe brought up that Trump is a convicted felon, which should have been on the bingo card! We all knew it would come up.

 Here Joe shows that he doesn't remember what Roe V Wade allows. He also lost a chunk of his base, when he said that he's not for late term abortion.

 Poor Joe is so lost in his answers. This is not his fault. This is the fault of those who are propping him up as President. He's got dementia and should not be in the most important job in the nation.

I couldn't find a clip of Joe bringing up the "suckers and losers" that has been debunked. I also couldn't find the clip where Joe brought up Charlottesville which was just debunked by Snopes this week (after four years) and even Jake Tapper has debunked it.

Also Jan6 came up - here is a reminder of what Trump said after he got back to the White House. Right after this Twitter took his account down and hid this video. His account has been put back up and you can actually go and see what was said by him on Jan 6.

I believe as I've stated here that the Democrats have been wanting to replace Joe. I think that the debate being run this way and this early - after all neither have had their conventions yet and received their party nomination - this was to show the Dem base what the Dems and the media have been hiding from them. 

Those of us who get our news from alternative sources have seen Joe get worse and worse since 2020. The fact that the msm is now showing it confirms in my mind that they will be replacing him. It's not easy, apparently, but something will have to be done.

The clip starts with Hannity showing Joe stumbling over the abortion conversation. Here he's more lucid here than he was during the debate.

This was some of the response on X right after this.

The media responses. This is not a surprise to them.

Of course the paid Tik Tok dude is still shilling for Biden.

I think the next 5 months is going to be wild! 

I wonder what it will be like now that everyone knows Joe is not up to the job. Do they let him stay in office for the rest of his term, or will he have to leave office besides not running for re-election.

Let's Make America Great Again!

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

This And That

 Hello Friends!

My post from yesterday never happened due to a power outage! We had one on Saturday, too, which is so unusual for our area. It hasn't even been stormy in our area. In fact, we could use some rain. After our power came back on at dinner time, the internet was out for awhile. 

It's been really hot, but the house was pretty cool all day, and we used our generator to run the basics and the ceiling fans, so we were comfortable.

Here is a lovely hydrangea I planted 2 years ago in my front cottage garden. Its an ever bearing kind so I am hopeful to get lovely blooms all summer long.

The Strawberry moon on Friday, was beautiful. I sat out on our deck and enjoyed the warm night air, the fireflies, and the beautiful moon.

It's the best I could do with my phone. So many times when we are having meteor showers or something, we have cloudy skies. I was very happy to have it so clear to enjoy it. I love getting up in the night and seeing the moon shining in our upper bathroom window, too.

The solstice was last week, and we've had the longest day of the year. Now our days will get shorter and shorter. I love the seasons, don't you?

Here are some of my Annabelle hydrangea in the cottage garden. These get full sun and the flower heads are enormous on some of them! I have an Annabelle along the creek, under a Mulberry tree, and those flowers don't get nearly as big.

This morning I took the photo below from the office window. You can see the screen on the window, but this is the same Annabelle as above, just from a different view!

Today, I'll be working on the educational objectives for Kamryn and Klaire for this coming school year. I'm going to try some different materials for math, at least with Kamryn. I've been home educating for 30 years now. Incredible.

My parents have a big anniversary coming up next month. They'll be married 65 years! They were 17 and 20 when they got married. They both are doing well, overall. Dad will have a valve replacement in August. It'll be non invasive they'll go up through the femoral artery. Amazing.

I'm looking at this photo of the front of our home and imagining it with new windows and siding. Likely late summer, early autumn. I have been waiting for this for years. I'm holding it lightly, as other financial priorities may come up, and we like to be debt free when we do things.

This will get our 1986 ranch home all updated, and ready for another 40 years of life! I likely won't live here then, I'd be 100! But you just never know!

Every life has it's challenges. No one gets through life unscathed in someway. However, God is ever present, a real help and guide. I know this to be true.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Information Friday


We've been swimming every late afternoon into the early evening. We are in the midst of a heat wave and I am working to keep my hydrangea alive! Our excavator comes next week to finish the grading after the construction and Tim asked me to wait to plant these until he's done. They are gorgeous aren't they?

I've been noticing that while the left/deep state have been screeching louder, it doesn't seem to be working. People are awake. Not all, but enough. There are war drums beating, and I believe they will take us to war or at least to the precipice of war. 

Can you imagine if they send our sons and daughters to die in an unnecessary war but keep letting all these illegal men into our country? It changes the dynamic. Some states are allowing non citizens to become police officers! Don't stand for it! Write/call your local public servants, your congress people (state and federal), and your senators (state and federal)! They need to hear from you!

I am sensing a change of narrative coming. The truth is pouring out everywhere! Let's see what happens.

This is a longish video - about 7minutes but it is a good one.


I like this video of Viktor Orban, the president of Hungary.

Dave from says this all the time! They've set precedents. 

Keep praying and looking to the Lord. Don't give into fear. Fear is a LIAR, and comes from the father of lies.

We are close to restoring our republic to the shining city on a hill it once was. Hold on, friends!

Monday, June 17, 2024


 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that and went to Wes and Rachel's house. I made an easy scrambled egg supper, and relaxed for the evening.

Sunday was church outside, another really good testimony of how God worked and is working in a young woman's life in our church. Then we came home, I prepped the potatoes and got them roasting in the oven. 

Tim and the kids set up the two tables in the dining area. We used my pretty Pioneer Woman dishes and I put vases of white Annabelle hydrangeas on the tables. 

Our friend Dean joined us for lunch, then went to visit his mom in a care home. He later met up with Sarah and Tim for a hike. Our friend Denny got home late from driving so he napped and came over later. He ate and enjoyed visiting for a few hours.

Nearly everyone got in the pool for a while, before hiking, and then Nate and Kay took the kids home. 

I didn't get any photos, Kyle took some for me, and the one of Wes at the grill is from my mom.

It was a good day, and I'm grateful.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Information Friday

 We had a busy week, and here it is Friday!

Trump was in DC this week.

The desperate left tried to stir up some controversy yesterday and got it debunked pretty quickly!

Biden has been in Europe. Have you considered why the msm is now showing how much in decline Biden is? They want to replace him. They must replace him. 


  Well what a weekend! The whole week had been historic. Truly. I have had the feeling that there was some behind the scenes haggling, by th...