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Monday, August 28, 2023


 My weekend was taken up with helping Sarah with a "critter" issue she brought home from camp. Tim and Kyle's was moving the washer and dryer around in our laundry room. 

The reason for this is because the basement under our house, and the basement under the addition will be connected through a doorway in our laundry room. Changes everywhere!

I sat out on the new deck yesterday in the late afternoon. It was lovely weather. The changing of the seasons is upon us. 

You can't see it in these photos but our Black Walnut trees are starting to drop their leaves, and our neighbors tree is turning, too. These are early turners. We won't see real change until later in September and my Red Sunset maples in the front yard often don't turn until mid October.

These photos were from October 28th last year.

The crew working here at our house are great. Hard working, diligent. They take a morning break around 9:00am and lunch around 1:00pm, and then they leave around 4:00pm. The electrician has been here for a week, the hvac guys come on the 11th and I don't know when the plumber will be here.

The new basement floors and garage floor will be poured this week. Once the subs have finished their work, the drywall will go up and we'll paint. We should be picking flooring soon, and we are starting to look at doorknobs, outdoor lights, and faucets.

These are the things that overwhelm my mom, but I love it! I'm a designer at heart!

One item we are definitely putting in the kitchen is a pot filler! Mom and I both won't be able to heft a big pot of water from the sink to the stove so this is a great solution.

Of course the look of ours will depend on the faucet we choose. I think we'll go with a brushed nickel finish, and the pot filler will match.

It's been interesting to build this just to suit their needs and tastes. We have considered what their needs will be. For instance they are not disabled, but we've put 36" doors in all the new spaces. This will allow for a wheelchair should that become necessary in the future.

On a completely different subject, your comments have stopped coming to me email! I have to look into that. I had a lot of comments when I got on blogger this morning! I thank you for all your comments, it's very encouraging to me!

Did you all have a good weekend? I'd love to hear about it if you'd care to share!

Friday, August 25, 2023

Information Friday


I had fun playing around with this template. It cut my hair off weird when cutting out the background!

Well, Georgia has arrested DJT and he released his mug shot last night on Truth Social.

Finally the case for election fraud and interference will be able to be shown in court.

This tells us everything we need to know about these former presidents.

This made me laugh!

The views are at 254,000,000!

Mark my words - The dems will replace JB and Kamala. They'd like the Republicans to do it so they can blame them, but I believe the Republicans want the dems to do it. Either way, Joe will not be the candidate at election time. Nor will KH.

It is very concerning when those who are supposed to uphold the law, ignore the law, and bring the kind of charges that go against the Constitution. Since when is it illegal or a crime to question an election? Or tell people to tune into a certain cable channel to see a state press conference? Free speech is what makes the US unique. We can say what we think, even if it is not nice. 

This administration is trying to take away the right for anyone to question or speak against what they are doing. That's evil, my friends.

I've had a few comments about how I as a Christian woman can support DJT. I feel perfectly free to support him. He's not perfect, but he is also not guilty of the crimes they've charged him with. It's telling because they've not charged any dems (Clintons etc) who actually did the things they are claiming that Trump did.

I am using my God given discernment. I pray and ask God to help me to see truth.

I do not feel the need to prove my views or to argue with any one who has differing views. It is your right to have different views than me. I will not be arguing with you about it. 

In other news, the addition is coming right along!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, August 21, 2023


 We had a lovely weekend. 

It started off with a whirlwind trip to Maine to attend the memorial gathering of my dear friend Vee. 

The gathering was in a beautiful state park, and the family had set up a few tables of mementos and photos of Vee's life. The people in this photo are other bloggers and our spouses. These days we mostly keep in touch through Instagram but Abby (Little Birdie Blessings) and Sara (Mrs T) and I met through Vee's blog. It was delightful to met them in person.

This beautiful lady is Vee's sister Kim, and in the background is her daughter in law, Michelle, in the black and white dress, and her son Adam standing in the blue-ish color shirt. Laurel was there but I didn't get any photos of her.

Tim and I bought flowers and made bouquets for the immediate family and I brought bouquets for Abby and Sara as well. Abby sent me this photo of what she had done with her flowers when she got home.

We drove up on Friday, and had had quite a bit of traffic. So we were inclined to head home after the memorial on Saturday. Kim's husband Steve thought that was a good idea because of the crazy Sunday traffic in the summer. 

We were glad we did that. We got home around 12:40 Sunday morning! We slept in, and then met Rachel, Wes, and our friend Justin for lunch.

The afternoon was relaxed with a visit from our friend Denny. 

People will say that online friendships are shallow and fickle, but I will tell you that some of my dearest friends have been found through social media.

The addition is being shingled today, and we have doors and windows waiting to go in! It's incredible how quickly it's coming together!

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Information Friday


The trusses went up today, and before the crew left this afternoon, the plywood and underlayment was on. The plan is for the roof to be shingled tomorrow!

We treated this hard working crew to pizza for lunch today.

I am posting this early as Tim and I are headed for Maine in the morning to attend Vee's memorial gathering on Saturday. I'm grateful to be able to go, and I hope to be an encouragement and blessing to her family.

Now to the information.

Most of us couldn't see the depths of the corruption before, and some still cannot. Now we know.

Remember this? You can read it {here}.

Gaggle wouldn't show this video but it came right up on Duck Duck Go. {here}Eye opening.

All very interesting.

Finally some push back.

I remember this! I've been talking about this since 2020.

Sometimes I feel like this is old news "everybody knows this" but then realize that most do not! I believe this was in the laptop information.

By the way, {here} is an interesting article about the judge in the J6 case.

I don't know who this is but people are waking up!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

This and That


This is an older photo but the flowers that are blooming in my garden right now are the same. I had one zinnia bloom this year. The garden is so upheaved, due to the construction, that its a wonder anything is in bloom! Limelights and Echinacea for the win!

The addition is moving right along, and the trusses will be here and put in place on Thursday!

This photo is taken from my parents new bedroom.

This photo is taken in the new kitchen looking into my parents new living room.

Once the trusses are on all the extra boards holding the walls will come off, since they won't be needed anymore.

Our dear friends Rick and Jane, could use some prayer. Rick is having some health issues and they had to cut their time at the lake in NH short and go home. Pray with us for healing.

The fire in Maui is horrible. My aunt and cousin live there. My cousin had to be evacuated but her home was spared. I've seen video showing that downed wires due to high winds were sparking, meaning they had electricity flowing in them. The power company are supposed to cut the electricity when the winds get to a certain strength and they certainly met the requirements on that day. Interesting that the area of the fire is where BlackRock was trying to buy properties so they could build luxury homes. The people didn't want to sell.  A more horrific thing is that schools in that area had sent kids home due to the winds and many kids might have been home alone and not know or be able to evacuate. I think we are in for some horrific information.
I am horrified by Biden's response when asked if he had any statement for the people of Maui. He responded, "No. No comment," then he smiled as he got in his vehicle. There was no leadership or compassion. No, "Jill and I are praying for everyone going through this horrible thing." No, "I've got FEMA on the ground and they are working to help everyone."
He's more despicable everyday. They are giving each family $700 as a one time payment. That'll be helpful. But he wants to send Billions more to Ukraine.

Last night I made BLTs with good bacon and fresh local tomatoes! Oh, my they were so good! It was a wonderful summer meal after a very busy day.

Two of my friends came over and we had tea and visited. My friend Katie's boys swam in the pool. It was a good day. Today, I'll be driving my parents to Lebanon to the VA, for a visit with my dad's oncologist.

Wednesday and Thursday I have all four local grands, and on Thursday friends are coming to swim. Friday Tim and I are headed to Maine for Vee's memorial gathering. It'll be a whirlwind trip but it will be so good to be there. I miss her.

Well friends, that's all I have for today. I'm praying that you all are walking with and trusting the Lord. Times are hard, likely will get a bit harder for a while. I do believe good things are coming. Pray and trust God with the details.  

Friday, August 11, 2023

Information Friday


Kenny supervising the construction crew yesterday.

The addition is coming right along and interior walls are being framed and put up. Our sliding door to the deck is gone, there will be a window there eventually. They are putting the new deck up today, as they will use it for siding the addition etc.

This time in history will be remembered for the crazy time it was, as evil was exposed, and those who would enslave humanity are shown for who they are. So much happening.

I have quite a few videos today.

So incredible that the agent who was pushing Russian Collusion for Trump actually just plead guilty to colluding with Russia!

Victoria Nuland is evidence of the Deep State. She has worked in the Bush 43 State Department and in the Obama Admin. She was in Ukraine in 2014 helping foment an over turn of their elections. She's been in Nigeria this year, and Niger, too. She also testified before congress about the Bio Labs in Ukraine.

Several different J6 videos (from bodycams or phones) have come out and this one shows the capitol police talking about how they can know the under cover fed agents in the crowd. J6 is falling apart. The committee after being told my McCarthy to preserve everything, had announced this week that they destroyed all the testimonies etc, they had from their long investigation! This is illegal. What are they hiding?

Here is a wonderful endorsement.

With this I will say, have a great weekend!
Keep praying, and remember that they like to make us afraid! Don't trust known liars, and look for the truth tellers, even if the truth is scary!

Information Friday, On Saturday

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