Hospitality, Friendship, Encouragement

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Comments and Commentors

I have the best reader friends here. We've built up good community together over the now almost 16 years that I've blogged. The tag line of my blog has always been Hospitality, Friendship, Encouragement.

That is really my heart with my in person friends and my online friends. Blogging, back in the day, was full of lovely women sharing their homes, their crafting skills, recipes, their gardens. We learned from each other and we had fun. 

We rarely got negative comments because if people came across a blog that didn't resonate with them, they just passed on by without leaving a comment. Or perhaps most of the blog was what they liked, but on occasion they didn't agree with a post so they just didn't comment. 

Those were the days, friends.

Personally, I've kept that practice.

The blogging/social media world has changed. In some ways it is more anonymous now, and some people feel free to comment without regard or remorse. They just blurt out things they likely wouldn't say to ones face and keep going.

It is always interesting to find that people cannot handle when someone has a different point of view/opinion than the one the hold. They somehow feel they must let you know!

Here is my latest anonymous comment - (trigger warning)

You are an idiot & your uneducated followers are Too! The PA board of homeschooling should be contacted- you are a Not a teacher! Did you Even go to college.."

Isn't that precious? This toxic commentor just felt that she had to say this to me on a post that is about information in the public realm. She does not like my Information Friday posts apparently.

I say she, because these comments are emotional. Let's look at her words. First of all notice she doesn't offer any evidence to show where my information was incorrect she goes right to calling you and I names. I'm an idiot and I guess you uneducated followers are idiots, too!

Then she goes for the home education teaching. LOL. I don't talk about this much but just incase she reads here and is truly concerned about it, I am a trained linguist. I spent four and a half years in study to learn how to create an alphabet for unwritten languages, and also in culture studies. I have a friend who actually uses this in a West African country. She teaches people to read and write in their own language!

However, Miss Toxic Commentor, there is no home education law in the country that requires a parent to have a college degree. You certainly show your ignorance in this comment.

I have successfully home educated 6 fully functioning now adult people. Some have gone on to higher education, some have chosen to do work such as animal handlers for a local theater, my son is a master drywaller, one owns her a business with her husband, and they have rental property. One is a busy mom, and one is finishing his last year and works part time with my husband in our business!

Here is a comment from last year - (trigger warning)

"You're such a stupid bitch! How can you even look at your fat, ugly face in the mirror after putting out all these lies? People are dying! Get your facts straight idiot. Who are you getting your information from, Tucker Carlson or NewsMax? God sees everything you're doing, so you might want to think twice before you put all this lying crap on your lousy blog"

These kinds of comments are par for the course these days, I guess. It's too bad. 

Dear Toxic, 

If you disagree with me you really don't ever need to seek out my blog, read my posts, and comment.



I have long time reader friends who are not political and never comment on these posts. They likely don't read them. It's okay - they don't have to read them to be friends. 

There was a woman who had been a longtime online friend. We'd even met and spent time in person. Politically we had differences, and after the 2020 election she didn't want to have anything to do with people who disagreed with her chosen narrative. She was vicious about it.

It broke my heart. I sometimes go to her social media to check in on her and her family. She has quite a following now on IG doing 'old fashioned granny' type videos. People love her content and her 'sweet encouragement.' 

I know the truth of what she is like in real life. But I do not comment. Why should I? People reveal themselves over time.

I was going to come on here and use my old sharp tongue to give this Miss Toxic a lashing and make her wish she'd never commented here, but I find I don't have it in me.

I pity her. She is so tied to lies, that she cannot see. She is blinded and likely will never be able to really accept the truth, because it so goes against her accepted narrative.

The truth of what has happened is flooding out. Those hiding behind the legacy media lies refuse to believe it. We all have a hard time accepting that we've been tricked, lied too, enslaved. I've had to work my way through a lot of that in the last three years. 

Those who are brave are willing to look reality in the face and see it for what it really is, rather than what we'd hoped it was, or what we were told was the truth. 

It's hard work, but it's better than wasting emotional energy going around to blogs and spewing ugliness. She is showing herself clearly for who she is as a person. That's really sad for HER.

Monday, January 30, 2023



Happy Birthday to this wee girlie! She's two today! We'll all be celebrating later with pizza and birthday cake!

On Friday, Kyle and I, and our friends Jennifer and her son Daniel went to a seminar for students helping them think through potential careers. The idea is finding out what your passions/and or natural skill sets are and how to turn them into your life's work.

Then we stopped by the grocery store, then home. Jen and I visited for a while, then Tim came home. Around the time that Jen needed to leave, Tim took Kyle and Daniel to a co-op bowling event.

That gave me some down time for the late afternoon, and when they returned, they decided to bowl on the wii. Daniel's dad Mike came to pick him up and hang out with Tim, so they ended up bowling, too.

They played 100 pin.

Daniel picking up his spare!

On Saturday Tim had two jobs, and Kyle worked with him at the second one. I puttered here at home. I was glad to have some time to listen to my audiobook while I puttered.

I really enjoy this series of books by Stephanie Barron.

Yesterday, was a quiet Sunday. The girls went home after church, and we grilled hamburgers. Then Tim, Kyle, my mom and I bowled on the wii for a bit. We played 100 pin and then two games of regular. Later Tim and I both napped. 

I was ready for a quiet weekend. Last week was very busy.

How was your weekend? Blogland has gotten very quiet. It's always been such a great place to connect and enjoy life together. I miss those old days!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Pretty Flowers In The Kitchen

I am helping my friend plan the flowers for her daughter's wedding in February. It's a small wedding, 16 people total including the bridal party!

I suggested that instead of ordering flowers from my wholesaler, we go to Wegman's (very nice grocery store) and see what they have. The bride wants red and white roses as her main flowers, and since they are marrying before Valentine's Day, the roses are sure to be in abundance! 

We looked at greens, filler flowers, like Baby's Breath and Alstroemeria, and came up with a flower plan.

We ordered them so that she is certain to have what she needs the week of the wedding. The day she picks them up, she will come to my house and we'll make the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid's bouquet, a few boutonnieres. She'll store the flowers in her cool basement and they'll be ready to go on wedding day. The rest of the flowers will be for arrangements for the tables. She'll put those together the day before the wedding. The wedding is out of state, and we've already planned how she will take the flowers with her.

I had decided to pick up a bouquet of flowers to brighten the house for the rest of January and into February, and when I saw this mix of Alstroemeria I knew it was just the thing!

I got enough flowers in it to make a smaller bouquet for the bathroom, too.

Since we are speaking of weddings, I will be coordinating a friends' son's wedding in March. But I will not be doing the flowers. I'm looking forward to helping this young couple have a lovely day celebrating the beginning of their life together!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tea On Tuesday

 I promised to show you the two new tea cups I got on at the antique mall I went to on Saturday, and that's just what I'm going to do.

The first is a gorgeous Royal Doulton cup. The marking doesn't have a pattern name though it has other markings. I've never seen this pattern before, have any of you?

The second tea cup is an elegant shape and is unique in that it has black in it's design.

The pattern on this Old Royal cup is clearly marked. I think it's interesting that the inside of the cup and the saucer design are exactly the same.

Remember that January is Hot Tea Month and I hope you enjoy a cuppa today!

Monday, January 23, 2023



Isn't she a beauty? I found her on Saturday while I was out and about. I went to an antique mall I haven't been to in a very long time. I poked around the booths, and found this tea cup, and another which I show you tomorrow.

The best thing was my ability to walk around without much pain at all! I've been doing very well, even with the change of weather!

This weekend was chillier than it's been most of winter, other than a week or so in December when it was very cold. Right now it's 34 degrees and we have a bit of a wintry mix happening. Its supposed to stop soon, and when I woke we had a light dusting of snow. That's mostly gone already, but it's all the snow we've had since we had a dusting in November. 

Yesterday, after church and lunch, we took a drive with Rachel and Wes, Kyle, and Kamryn to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area to see the snow geese. The geese and Tundra Swan and many other migratory birds stop there on their journey southward for the winter and then in the spring they head back again. Usually we see the birds in late February or early March, but they are beginning to make their way back already. Perhaps they just stayed at this stop on their southward journey, sensing it was going to be very mild this year? I don't know, but they were lovely to see. At the peak time the lake is full of birds! It was rainy, so none of us took any photos! 

I did find this video someone took and shared on YT.

Pretty amazing!

Here is a photo from the PA Game Commission of Snow Geese.

The week ahead is full - school, a visit with a friend to talk wedding flowers for her daughter's wedding in February. It's a small, family wedding and they are doing the flowers themselves. I'm just giving some guidance. I have a massage therapy session, two chiropractic appointments, and dinner out tomorrow with longtime friends.

I'm tired thinking about it! Ah, well, it's all good things and I'll just take one day at a time!

Hope you had a very good weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Information Friday


We've had quite a bit of rain lately, but the sky was so beautiful the other evening.

It's been like a whirlwind lately with information pouring out of so many places. I'm going to try to share bits of it with you, and not a lot of commentary, so it'll be quicker for you to go through in information. 

Remember you can always ask me questions, but if you want me to reply directly to you, I'll need an email address. Also, blogger doesn't allow me to sign in to some blogs with my google account, so I have to comment as anonymous. I can tell that is happening with some of you, but if you don't add your name at the end of the comment I don't know who you are! I've done it a time or two myself.

Now, onward and upward!

Fox News is pushing this view. I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate. But the news is not looking good for Joe. Problem is, when Joe goes, incomes Kamala as president.

Dems always use fear. If we don't raise the debt ceiling Americans will see just how our government works. That's what they don't want you to see!

She's also been in talks with Black Rock and may join them. Black Rock made lots of money off of her over the top lockdowns of New Zealanders. Looks like she might be getting paid back for that. Let's see what happens.

There is more I could share, but I'll leave you with this. This woman is, as she states, "an activist teacher." She's terrified of her gas stove now.

Friends, the tide is turning. In a war, battles rage, and victories are won, and some battles are lost. In the Revolutionary War, the British won more battles than we did. However, we won strategic battles and beat them to gain our independence. 

These battles are information based. It's about awakening the masses to the truth. Once the truth is seen, the battles are over. They can no longer hide their wrong doing.

Be encouraged. 

Have a great weekend.


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...