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Monday, January 23, 2023



Isn't she a beauty? I found her on Saturday while I was out and about. I went to an antique mall I haven't been to in a very long time. I poked around the booths, and found this tea cup, and another which I show you tomorrow.

The best thing was my ability to walk around without much pain at all! I've been doing very well, even with the change of weather!

This weekend was chillier than it's been most of winter, other than a week or so in December when it was very cold. Right now it's 34 degrees and we have a bit of a wintry mix happening. Its supposed to stop soon, and when I woke we had a light dusting of snow. That's mostly gone already, but it's all the snow we've had since we had a dusting in November. 

Yesterday, after church and lunch, we took a drive with Rachel and Wes, Kyle, and Kamryn to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area to see the snow geese. The geese and Tundra Swan and many other migratory birds stop there on their journey southward for the winter and then in the spring they head back again. Usually we see the birds in late February or early March, but they are beginning to make their way back already. Perhaps they just stayed at this stop on their southward journey, sensing it was going to be very mild this year? I don't know, but they were lovely to see. At the peak time the lake is full of birds! It was rainy, so none of us took any photos! 

I did find this video someone took and shared on YT.

Pretty amazing!

Here is a photo from the PA Game Commission of Snow Geese.

The week ahead is full - school, a visit with a friend to talk wedding flowers for her daughter's wedding in February. It's a small, family wedding and they are doing the flowers themselves. I'm just giving some guidance. I have a massage therapy session, two chiropractic appointments, and dinner out tomorrow with longtime friends.

I'm tired thinking about it! Ah, well, it's all good things and I'll just take one day at a time!

Hope you had a very good weekend!

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  1. Oh my! Your tea cup and saucer is beautiful and uniquely so. I've never seen one like it.

    All those birds in one place like that—amazing sight! How interesting that they are traveling north again early.

    Yes, it is always best to take days one at a time. Sounds as if you have a busy, fun week ahead. So glad that
    you are feeling better and will be able to enjoy it. A nice massage sounds wonderful.


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