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Friday, July 29, 2022

Information Friday


It's hard to get a good photo at night because my camera on my phone gives off these bluish 'lights' from the reflection. Anyway. It's pretty and the pattern on the ceiling is pretty, too!

I've been saying "There's a lot going on" every week, but I feel as if things are hitting high speed and wow it is going to get a bit crazier, I think!

Good things are happening, and I believe truly that the tide has turned and now the globalists and the deep state are going to panic more and more as they are shown for who they are!

This guy is the top advisor to Klaus Schwab of the WEF. He is not a good man. He also is completely wrong! This is the lie of Satan "We are God!"

Some information out of the UK.

Back to the US - 

Since people have gotten wise about cov*d they are trying to scare people with Monkeyp*x.

This is good news!

Stats from Alberta, Canada. It's hard to see but click on the photo and I think it will enlarge. It shows that there is some "mystery" cause for deaths in males. It's not a mystery but they don't want to address the real thing that has been happening since 2021.

Also Canada - 

This photo is of Trudeau from the Trucker Strike time period. On the right before he went away from Ottawa because he had cov*d. On the left is when he came out to tell the press that he had the vid and was feeling fine etc... Does cov*d put 30 pounds on you overnight?


Here is JB - 

I'm sorry but they use a double for him often. Sometimes his eyes are almost black. Reports are coming out that his wife Jill, gives him a pill before he has to speak etc. His dementia is bad. Also Jill has a doctorate, she is not a medical doctor. I don't think he can stay in office much longer.

This administration has destroyed our country in less than two years. It's shocking. But it has awakened many people and they needed to see it. This is purposefully done to bring in the great reset.

People are awake.

Government was supposed to be "Of the people, for the people, by the people." They've forgotten they aren't our rulers. We've hired them to represent us. They aren't doing that anymore so most of them need to be replaced!

The leadership of the FBI is corrupt.

They don't seem to want to deal with real crime. They act like an armed force to deal with the left's political enemies.

More and more election fraud is being dealt with!

Why are foreigners and foreign countries allowed to buy land and houses in America?

I greatly admire the author CS Lewis. Here is some wise advise he gave us in the 1950's.

Have a great weekend, friends!

The Best Is Yet To Come!

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