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Friday, July 8, 2022

Information Friday


Old photo of hydrangea in my garden. Hoping to get blue again!

Wow! This has been quite a week!

This is the guy the msm wants you to think is a Trump supporter. Also, if you don't know the term MK Ultra here are a few links to read about the program. It supposedly ended but I'm not so sure about that. Many of these 'mass shooters' are known to law enforcement and under the care of therapists.

MK Ultra {here} and {here}.

Some kind of explosion happened at the Georgia Guidestones. Information about the guidestones {here}.

Here is what was written on the guidestones.

Lies eventually come out.


Boris Johnson has now resigned.

In case you missed it - 

The strategic reserve is supposed to be held for our nation only to use in time of war or other disaster. Not to be sold to foreign nations!
And certainly not to companies your son is doing business with!

The left is very nervous about the geotracking!

Read the article {here}.

Food processing plants all over the world have had fires, Bill Gates is buying up farmland, and wants us to eat lab made meats. Now this.

This news broke right before I went to bed last night.

Abe and DJT were friends and worked together to do what was good for their own countries, and to try to defeat the globalists. He was killed by a 44 year old Japanese man with a homemade gun.

Several people I follow made lists of all the things that have been happening lately. Defeating the globalists is not an easy, or quick thing. It sometimes means pain, but in the end I believe that we will see a complete change in our nation, and hopefully nations around the world.

I came across this yesterday, and I'm keeping my eyes open. Gregg Philips has said something big is coming from them about elections later this month. Big stuff is happening friends. 

My heart is heavy for my dear friend Linda, from Linda's Life Journal. Her sweet sister Nita went home to be with the Lord this week. Pray for their family, as they adjust to this huge loss.


Vee said...

Yes. So much is happening and not all of it is good. Thank you for bringing another Friday report. I am not sure how you do it!

LInda and her family are in my prayers and I can't stop thinking about them all. The only one doing well in all of this is Nita.

Debby said...

Seems there is not a day that goes by, that something big makes the news. All I can say, is be ready for when the trumpet sounds...look to the clouds!

ellen said...

I have a question. What does rees mean, as in liberal rees from Pepe? I will keep Linda and her family in my prayers. Another great week of information.

Bonnie Schulte said...

Thank you once again for your informative blog. People needing to be aware, dear Lord, what will be next? I pray to God to watch over us!!!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Amazing how much is happening all at once, isn't it? Sometimes it's hard to keep up. Thanks for sharing. Also, I learned something very interesting this week about mass shootings. In 2015 Obama remarked, as the left often does when a mass shooting occurs, that "this just doesn't happen in other countries." When in fact, at the time he said that, the US ranked 11 in the world in deaths caused by mass shootings. World Population Review published this:
Average (Mean) Annual Death Rate per Million People from Mass Public Shootings (U.S., Canada, and Europe, 2009-2015):
Norway — 1.888
Serbia — 0.381
France — 0.347
Macedonia — 0.337
Albania — 0.206
Slovakia — 0.185
Switzerland — 0.142
Finland — 0.132
Belgium — 0.128
Czech Republic — 0.123
United States — 0.089

Information Friday

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