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Monday, July 25, 2022



It's summer and we are cooking here in Pennsylvania. 90's and humid! I'm not wearing any make up here, and you can see my freckles big time. I can't believe that we are nearly through July. We usually start school in August and my mind has turned to planning.

The guys worked on the pool deck on Saturday. It's nearly complete. This will be a big help for me to get into the pool. 

I went with Rachel, Saturday, to pick up a summer motorcycle jacket for Wes from FB Marketplace. They got a Joe Rocket brand that actually matches his non summer one. He's a lot more comfortable riding now with the wind blowing through the mesh portions!

I am really working to not turn on the oven these days unless it's early. On Saturday I cooked chicken nuggets on the stove and we had sweet corn on the cob, and cantaloupe. It was good.

After church yesterday, there was swimming, then the girls left to go fishing with Nate and Kay, and Sarah, Kyle, Rachel and Wes left to go bowling with friends for our friend Grace's birthday.

Tim and I watched a few episodes of a series from Deeper Walk International called "Understanding the Wounded Heart." It's a good series and so far gives the basics for working on wounds we have from our lives. Some people have deep wounds from abuse, but all of us have wounds from hurts. This series gives you the tools to help you work through the lies we come to believe because of the hurts. 

You can find the Deeper Walk International youtube channel {here}.

Today, we are celebrating two people who had deep wounds, and have worked for 63 years to overcome them! Happy Anniversary to my parents! We are thankful for God's grace in their lives!

My mom is 17 here and my dad is 20. 

Tim and I will be going to dinner with them tonight. 

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Have seen the wedding photo before and am happy to see it again. Are they not the cutest? Happy Anniversary to them. Have a wonderful evening out.

    You have a wonderful complexion. Your freckles are adorable. You don't need make-up unless you want it.

    Starting school in August is cruel and unusual punishment. This is just my humble opinion. Start slow! 😁 I'm running before I get

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents! It was so nice to see them both when we visited! I love to hear the stories of God's redeeming love and how it changes lives!

    I know you'll be happy when the deck is up. I'm sure there will be many more warm (or HOT) days to enjoy the refreshment of the pool!

  3. Wishing your parents a very happy anniversary celebration! Sounds like a wonderful summer weekend! You are darling with those freckles!


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