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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Repainting My Table On A Beautiful Summer's Evening


It's been hot and humid here this week, so I waited until after dinner to go out and give my outdoor table a fresh coat of paint. 

My rudbeckia "Golden Glow" is such a lovely summer flower. They grow about 6 feet tall, and they are planted around the deck. Kyle and I both noticed that they are sparser than in past years, so I'll be looking to reseed them. I got them as a grown flower clump out of a friends' garden and they have always reseeded well. I don't want to be without this lovely plant in my garden.

The hostas have been lovely this year. They are a great pop of color across our little creek. I'm developing a plan for this space across the creek. It will require that the black willows come down and more flowering shrubs will go in! I'm envisioning Bridal Veil Spirea, blue hydrangea, Butterfly bushes.

I've had my table for years now. It came a brownish metal and I painted it white. I love to use it in my garden. 

The legs need more paint, and I'll do that today, and I may give the top one more coat.

I love freshening items up to give them new life, plus it's very thrifty in this economy. I've always loved items that are pre-owned, too. I've found most of my silver that way, and most of my tea cups and books are from thrift or antique stores!

Do you like to refresh items you own? Do you like to thrift or go to used book stores? Antiquing? 


  1. Yes, nothing like a can of paint to freshen up a tired piece. I have an ancient green patio table. It would probably look better with some freshening up. Your table looks so nice.

    You have a lot of ambitions for your yard. I would keel over just thinking about it. ☺️ It is a lovely piece of property.

  2. You are good at seeing things in a new way. Indeed, that vision saves a lot of money!

    Yes, I do love antiquing! I do not visit thrift stores as frequently, but Barbara and I went to one recently and I scored an AMAZING bargain. (That's one of my many blog posts that are in draft . . . )

  3. You have the most beautiful and tranquil yard. I would love to retreat there after dinner and paint away...


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