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Friday, July 15, 2022

Information Friday


I'm enjoying using flowers from my hostas and butterfly bush along with echinacea (purple coneflower) to make lovely floral arrangements. 

I've had a few very fun days, and I'll share that at the end of this post.

Let's get into the information.

Friends, there is a movement happening around the world. The people of the nations are rising up against their globalist leaders. Resignations are happening daily.

Former Prime Minister Abe of Japan, was assassinated. He was a very good leader. However this is not an easy 'war' being waged against the globalists. Abe was not a globalist. You know who else is not a globalist? Trump. He spoke at the UN while President that the era of globalization was over. Who else is against globalism? Putin.

I believe many leaders and Trump were working together to bring more equality among the nations. Where leaders did what was best for their people, didn't go to war, but traded goods with one another.

I found this from Putin interesting this week.

Another world leader who gets a lot of push back from globalists is Brazil's Bolsonaro.

He's been dealing with election integrity in Brazil.

This is Trump after the 2020 election and while he was still President.

Friends, I think we are beginning to see some of this all come together. We have watched our country be decimated by the globalist left, and I believe we've had to go through it so people could wake up. 

I believe we are awake as are the people around the world! Let's see what happens.

This is important. This case is about the fact that the corporation Dick's Sporting Goods offered to pay for employees travel out of states that don't allow abortion to states that do allow it and to pay for the abortion. The suit is because the law states that Dick's must provide equivalent paid benefit to a mother who gives birth!
This decision by corporations is likely going to change. They were just virtue signaling anyway!

There is an attack on our border. This administration is allowing criminals to come into our country.

New York, especially NYC is in bad shape with crime. And now because of the crazy leftist DA and AG etc, many police officers are leaving the force.

Joe Bid*n is a useful puppet. He's wanted to be President for many years, and no one voted for him because he's a known liar and creep.

His whole family is being found out for the way they've made a fortune by colluding with foreign nations, mostly Ukraine and China. They also are not very smart but with Joe put in positions of power, they are given money for access.

Hunter is expected to be indicted on tax evasion and other issues.
Jill's doctoral thesis must not have been read as it is full of typos, faulty data, and written like a high schooler who has to get more words into their report. 

They are criminal useful puppets, but hey, Joe finally got to be President, right?

Have you begun to wonder after all the investigations into DJT, both of the impeachments, and the different things they've tried to pin on him, they keep coming up with nothing. This minor staffer for Pence was their big surprise witness and what she said was second hand information and quickly debunked. They are desperate people.

Their goal is to get him convicted of something that will keep him from ever running for President again. He is not a globalist puppet and they don't like that.

Globalists want the population to be 500,000,000. They keep telling the lie that the world is overpopulated.

He always provides for our needs!

This is an inspiring section of a speech by Ronald Reagan. 

I hope you are encouraged friends! Hold on to hope! We are on the way to better days!

I told you this week that I was hosting Cheryl's daughter and granddaughter over night. Well at the last minute Cheryl came along too! It was so fun!

The girls went to the dinner theater Wednesday night, and Cheryl and I talked and talked. Then yesterday we all went to tea.

We weren't able to get a photo of all of us, the server was very busy! However Cheryl and I got a photo together too, but she hasn't sent it to me yet. I know she will and I will share it here.

I am thankful for blog friends. We've known each other about 10 years now. They are a lovely family, and I am happy to know them.

I hope you all have an excellent weekend.


  1. Here here! I really enjoyed reading your post. I had to chuckle at some of the memes - and I get tears in my eyes when I hear President Ronald Reagan speak.

    I agree with all that you said - these midterms coming up will give us insight - I also pray that this wretched J-6 committee will move on. I do know many hard line democrats who hang on every session. I just hope that they give it a rest soon and it doesn't cause damage to another Trump run at the White House.

  2. An excellent post that put it all together with a nice big red ribbon. I know it was a lot of work. Best wishes for the weekend.

  3. Fun to see Cheryl and her daughter and granddaughter at tea with you, even though we can't see you...yet! Fun.

  4. So much going on. The assassination of Shinzo Abe was horrifying. The world has lost a true friend. I am sad for the Trump family over the loss of Ivana. The timing is unusual in that DJT has lost two close friends so close together.

    As for jb, he really has always been a character. I remember his many difficulties with truth telling from years ago. (The legacy media used to report the incidents regularly.) Isn't that what is called being a pathological liar? He just can't help himself and may even believe his own lies. Sorry state of affairs for the country and all of us living through this nightmare.

    Thank you for gathering another week's worth of #$&*@!

  5. Praying for our Country, so much to pray about! Lovely photo of great time with friends. Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  6. YEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP...and the assassination of Abe was very / our late son had nothing but good things to say about Abe, he was truly a good man...and folks need to be afraid, just saying. Have a beautiful Sunday and keep up the good work on telling the truth, smiles

  7. Still praying for all the good people who are working behind the scenes to defeat this evil. Trureporting showed some pictures on his Rumble show from Hunter's phone. Pedo Peter in action. Thanks again for all your work in this fight!


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