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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Tea On Tuesday

 When I hosted Cheryl, Bekah, and Maddie last week I mentioned that we went to tea. I thought I'd show you a few photos.

Cheryl and I have been friends for about 10 years. I found her blog on The Nester's 31 days of posting blog party and she was posting about hospitality, I think. What she wrote about was my heart too, so we became good friends.

As with all my friends, we are not clones in our thinking, but we are kindred spirits. She and her sweet family are dear to me.

The tea tray. 

The Tea Trolley have fantastic scones, and I often take desserts home to my guys, but I never pass up a hot scone. I did eat a lemon bar.

The sandwiches were cheddar and chutney, ham with a citrus spread and traditional cucumber. All were delicious.

Cheryl and the girls were headed home after tea, by way of petting some goats, so they let me take all the leftovers home! My guys were happy about that!

There is something special about gathering for tea. It makes for fun afternoon conversation, a nice way to have lunch, and is a bonding experience.

I'm thinking of having tea parties for small groups of women. I need the social interaction, and its a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


  1.'s lunchtime and that tea time looks yummy. I'm wondering what the basis of a ham sandwich with a citrus spread might be. Cream cheese and citrus zest? I think you would very much enjoy hosting tea parties. I mean really...totally your gifting!

  2. It was a delightful couple of days! Yes, having tea together was special! Again, we thank you so much for your gracious hospitality . . . especially with the addition of a last minute guest (me!).

  3. How lovely that you could meet for tea and share a kindred sweet time together in person. Your tea party food looked scrumptious.

  4. Now that must have been a delightful afternoon...just lovely!


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