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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Garden In Late July

 We've had good rain this summer, until this week. I'd love a nice thunderstorm or two!

Besides the house needing its annual washing the cottage garden is looking good.

Kyle and I weeded and deadheaded the roses. I'm hoping that I'll get another round of roses this year.

Gardening for me is a continual learning process. What things do well from seed, what things do better being planted, what to do about roses loosing their leaves, etc. Learning, learning.

This year I am learning more about my hydrangea. This is my new one. It started getting its tinge of pink - these are supposed to turn to 'fruit punch' color. But this last week with the high heat and no rain, I should have watered them. Only a few are brown tinged but I will cut these off and hope with water and cooler temps they will give us a show!
Also, my blue hydrangea that I bought this year is pinkish, too. Sigh.

Kyle and I have a plan for ground cover in this flower bed so as to eliminate as many opportunities for weeds as possible. I'm am researching what I might like to put into this bed that would be a perennial. Any suggestions?

I love the ability to cut flowers and have them in my home, or gift a bouquet to someone. Here are some bouquets I made yesterday.

This summer I have my Pioneer Woman dishes and our flatware on the table as a centerpiece. It makes it really easy to set the table! I added these cute and colorful flowers to the arrangement! I'm loving it!

The limelights are in bloom and oh, so lovely! The pinks are from two different hydrangea. The smaller flowered one is supposed to be blue! You know you have wealth from your garden when the hydrangeas are in the bathroom!

I might switch them out with this abundant pitcher of rudbeckia Golden Glow. These are such a lovely flower and so cheery!

So there you have an update on my garden and how I'm enjoying them. How is your garden growing?


  1. With age, my husband can no longer tend to his flowers. So they are quite on their own. Which isn't good. -smile-

    Yours are lovely.

    Be so happy you can have flowers in the house. We are allergic and can not. Some day I will get some *expensive* silk flowers. -grin-

    💛 💛 💛

  2. Your garden is lovely, and I am pleased to have seen it in person this summer! I, too, love to bring flowers inside to enjoy. Ron planted a wildflower mix this year. Some zinnias came back after self-seeding. And, of course, there are the hydrangeas which I love. My sister-in-law brought me a big jar of sunflowers when she came on Sunday and I am enjoying those too!

  3. I wish I could bring fresh flowers inside but I have a cat that loves to eat them. She gets all turned on. Perhaps it is because she is strictly inside.

    Your Pioneer woman plates are gorgeous - I love her stuff. Everything looks so nice.

  4. Your flowers are doing well. My garden is mostly the yellows and oranges of the lilies. A few small pink roses and that's all for color. Like Beside, I find that my flowers are often on their own. I have tried to talk my knees into mowing and they simply refuse. Rats!


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