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Friday, July 1, 2022

Information Friday

 Happy July!

As we prepare to celebrate our nations founding, let's remember that no nation is perfect, and that there have been corrupt elements in our government over many years. Our family celebrates the founding of a unique nation, and we recognize that we must, as citizens, stay vigilant to what those people with political positions are doing! 

On to the information.

I read an interesting article this week that mentioned that in addition to Roe making the Federal government in charge of abortion rather than the states, it also gave the Federal government the authority over what is done with the fetal body parts, research etc. Now that is given back to the states as well and usually follows the states own abortion laws. They are so angry about this ruling because they are losing out on tons of money.

There is a company, but I can't find the name right now, that will pay their employees expenses for having a child, or adopting a child! That was excellent to hear this week!

My parents were young adults when Kennedy was president. They were only 21 and 24 when he was killed. I've grown up with the narrative about Camelot, but also hearing about what his personal life was like. Now that we know how corrupt the MSM is, I wonder what the truth really is. He was trying to break the CIA up from being so powerful, and this is a snippet from one of his speeches.

I think we can all guess why he was assassinated. He was trying to do what Trump was trying to do. 

More news from the week....

The following slides are from BioClandestine (just Clandestine on Truth Social). He has been on top of the truth about the BioLabs.

From the "Make It Make Sense" files...

The truth is coming out about the fraud in the election, and they won't be able to stop the dam from breaking!

This case will be taken up in October!

Love this!

Don't be discouraged friends! So much winning is going on! The Deep State is fighting for it's life. It may get a bit scary, they really do want a WWIII, but I think they will be revealed!

Keep praying, make sure you vote, and let's see what happens!


  1. Wow! That was a pile of information. I think I've been here reading for over 30 minutes and I could go back and read it all again. We have had some good rulings from The Supreme Court and I pray for many more. (Can I just say for the record...pfffttttt to Susan Collins. What a turkey she is.)

  2. You do such a good job on your research and sharing here. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you doing all this.

  3. Another great week of shared information. Thank you so much for all your work. We are winning!

  4. Wow!!!!!! Information Friday is the best!!!!! I'm so glad I checked out your blog. Thank you for posting so much truth here.


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Information Friday

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