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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Last evening my sweetheart and I sat on our deck in waning light and watched the stars. We drank coffee, for him with sweetened condensed milk, and tea for me, just a touch of cream. It is something we both like to do, and try to make time at least once a week. We find it is a nice way for us to connect.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fair

The fair was a wonderful experience. The girls competed in their classes and while they did not win any ribbons, it was fun for them and for Sandy. She was very well behaved, our pretty mare, and did not act up at all. The day was very long, and late last night she was nervous around the crowds of people, I think just ready to go home.

It was the first time the girls were able to participate like this, and it was valuable experience.

I will try to post pictures later, I need my dad to email some to me. When we got to the fair yesterday, we realized our camera did not have batteries in it, thankfully my parents were there!

Have a lovely Saturday!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fair Day

Today is our local fair! It is a small town agricultural fair, which means no rides, but such fun.

There are tents full of local businesses with free things, our favorite is Herr's Potato chips! There are tons of animals, I drove by yesterday and my daughter saw a camel! There are tons of cakes, canned goods, sewing, drawing, photography etc on display.

Did I already say we love this fair?

Fridays are the big day, all the equine events. My girls are taking our horse Sandy, and are competing for the first time in all the fun things, like the boot race, western pleasure, and the 50 yard dash!

I will take lots of pictures, and hopefully post tomorrow!

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Challenging Thought

Last night after dinner my husband was asking the kids some questions. "Did God ask Moses if he wanted to lead the Hebrew people out of bondage in Egypt?" "No", was their answer, with Sarah saying, "God just told him to do it." Tim then asked them, "What was Moses' response?" Well, his response was "I don't speak too well, I won't know what to say, Why would they listen to me?" etc...

Then he asked them about Abraham. "Did God say to Abraham "if you want to, you could sacrifice Isaac to Me"? No, is the answer, God told him to do it. What was Abraham's response? He prepared for it and went to obey. I am sure he thought "Why would God ask this of me? Hmmmm, HE promised that through Isaac he would make a great nation." But none the less, he went to obey. Isaac asked him, "Father, we have the wood and the fire, but where is the sacrifice?" Abraham answered him "God, Himself will provide the sacrifice." Abraham even with the knife lifted over Isaac trusted God, that He would either raise Isaac from the dead or provide a different sacrifice, which is what God did.

As we talked about the different responses of Moses and Abraham, I was challenged to ask myself "what is my response to God when He asks something of me?" Of course the pleasant or comfort zone things I am delighted to do. But what about when He asks me to go through difficult things? Do I respond like Moses or Abraham. I hope I am like Abraham who trusted God, even though he didn't know God's plan.

May I trust the Lord to know what is best for me, and to walk closely to Him.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Changing Seasons

This summer just flew by, and I have been amazed at the farmers harvesting corn and tobacco for several weeks now. My mind keeps saying, "it is too early", but the calendar and the sun tell the truth.
It is Autumn, officially on the 23rd.

Soon it will be dark by 5:00 pm and the evenings will be spent inside, or maybe on occassion a campfire and S'mores.
I bought some mums yesterday, and need to get my pumpkins and cornstalk soon. I love the way these items make our home feel warm and welcoming. I have some fun ideas to do with the pumpkins this year, which of course I will post about, but first I must tidy my garden by cutting back all the summer plants. I enjoy the look of the garden in the different seasons.

What kinds of things do you do to welcome the changing seasons?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


In 1607, English men and boys landed in a new land and began a new life. They build a glassworks, a fort, a church. They chopped wood and made timbers to sell back in England. They grew tobacco for a cash crop. They made bricks and tile.

They made a peace treaty with the Powhatan Indians, and met a young girl named Pocahantas. Several years later she converted to Christianity, and married John Rolfe.

From this small place on the shores of the James River, a new nation was born. It was exciting to see the archeological dig going on there. To see the foundations of the original church, that was built not too many years after their arrival.

I always get shivers to see God's hand in history (HIS-tory).

Views from Williamsburg

We had never been to Williamsburg before, but we loved it! For history lovers like we are it was amazing to be able to experience in a small way, what life was like in 18th century Virginia.

I made dress for the girls and I, not period authentic at all but of the "costume" variety. We were complemented all day on them and many people stopped us during the day to ask us directions or information etc...I guess they thought we worked there! It was fun to shop at John Greenhow's and Mary Dickenson's, stroll through the palace gardens, watch a gun holster being made at the Saddlery, we were privy to a meeting with General Washington's staff, toured the Getty foundry. My dad and I also, were able to tour the Capitol. It is amazing to see where the giants of American History walked and talked and studied and argued for right. It was amazing to hear a general state that he "entered this fight, at his own expense, because I believed it was right". He wanted nor expected to be monetarily compensated. It was about honor.

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry, were just some of the men who were Virginians and strong leaders of our new country.

I can't wait to go back!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Off to Williamsburg!

We're off to Williamsburg! We got an incredible deal, as it is home educator's week.
We have packed our colonial dresses and are so excited to get to experience this slice of American History!

Hopefully we will get great pictures and of course I will post about it!

Enjoy the fall weather!

Happy Birthday Miss Paula!

Friday was my sweet sister in law's bday. We missed it completely. We thought about her, planned to call, but with all our activity lately we missed our opportunity.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to wish her Happiest Birthday!

I will now sing her the birthday song we used to sing in church, remember Paula?

"To God we all Praise,
For our happy birthdays,
Who has blessed us, and kept us, and guided our ways!
Happy Birthday, God Bless you, happy birthday to you,
May the Lord bless and keep you another year through!

We love you very much!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home Improvement

I have my own "Tim, the Toolman," like the t.v. show "Home Improvement". My Tim can do just about anything. He does things with excellence too. We made the decision years ago to live debt free. So we don't do projects until we can pay for them. So our basement flooring project has been a long time coming! Our basement was such a mess when we bought our cottage! I won't go into the gory details, but we had to remove all the drywall, clean up mold, and pull out the carpet.

The drywall, was reinstalled several years ago, and we painted it a gorgeous red color. The floor was left cement, since we had no project money for flooring. Last year we painted the cement floor to seal it and give it a nicer look. Then a friend gave us laminate wood flooring remnants. We would need to use several colors to cover the basement floor, but it was free!! We needed to purchase the padding/vapor barrier before we could put the laminate down, so this project kept being put off due to lack of either time or funds.

However, this weekend, my husband decided this was the time to do it! We thought we could do it with 2 colors and started the pattern we had worked out, but then found we could not. So the flooring that was down had to be pulled back up (this is relatively easy as this is a tongue in groove/snap system, no glue), and a third color added. Below is a picture of the beginning stage of laying the flooring. You can see the cement floor.

Here is the finished floor! We need to add baseboard trim, and a threshold yet but we really like it. And best of all it cost us around $150.

We are so thankful!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Remembrance

We will never forget.

Daily Devotions

Forgive me for being absent from the blog. We have been busy finishing those big and little projects around the house, that get put off until you are going to be having people over!
Ahh, it has been alot of work, but so worth it and I will show you hopefully tomorrow!
Tonight I want to post about having daily devotions. I went to a day long seminar on Saturday and was reminded again of my need to be in God's Word daily. I often put it off thinking I will get to it "later". So I have made a committment to get up when the Lord wakes me up and spend my time reading and praying. Sunday morning I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. Yikes! But I was awake and had my time with the Lord uninterrupted. I then felt free to go back to sleep for awhile, which I did!!!
I am reading "My Utmost Devotional Bible". I like that it has Old Testament scripture, a Proverb and Psalm a day, and a New Testament reading as well.
I feel like I have been less stressed and much more in tune with the Lord, which I really need.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I am a Homemaker

I have been reading my favorite blogs today and the recent post at The Cottage Nest, reminded me of a sad truth. Some people seem to think that running a home is not a real occupation!

I have had people in my extended family say "What do you do all day" or "Aren't you bored without a real job?" Ha! My current answer to people who ask if I "work" or have a "job" is "I am too busy to have a job."

That is the truth you know. I am not a maid, although I clean my home, I am a homemaker. That means I spend time making my home a warm and welcoming place for my family as well as our friends. I decorate my home, in a way that is comfortable and comforting to my family, I use candles to create a warm ambiance and to add yummy scents to our home, make wreaths, hang pictures, sew, etc.

Our family lives in our home. It is not just a place to sleep at night. I want my husband to be glad to come home at night, so I create a welcoming, peaceful place. This takes work. Some of it mundane, but all of it done with a bigger picture in mind. I do intentional homemaking. It takes skill and time. It takes a willing heart.

To all of you who make a home for your families, you are a blessing!

Fall Reading Challenge

My dear sister in law, Miss Paula, at Gathering of Friends, is hosting a fall reading challenge.

Here is my list, that I have either already read, am currently reading, or plan to read before fall is over.

1. Mr. Darcy's Daughters by Elizabeth Aston (already read)
2.The Second Mrs. Darcy by Elizabeth Aston (already read)
3. Emma by Jane Austen (currently reading, great read!)
4. Summer by Karen Kingbury (currently reading)
5. Jimmy by Robert Witlow

I will probably add to the list as the weeks go on, but this is a start!

If you are interested in joining her reading challenge, hop over to and sign up!

Happy Reading!

I have read a lot this summer

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Cute Valances

These are the cute valances I made yesterday, from the tea towels I purchased on Monday.

They are the same color but the one in this picture seems darker.

They match the colors in my house just perfectly and look great. I previously had white battenburg lace valances up, but wanted something more autumnal.

What do you think?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

To all who labor!

My husband is working this weekend, and today, he even traded weekends, because of the fabulous overtime! We are going to Williamsburg in a few weeks and this overtime will be helpful!

I dropped my son at work today, dropped off a notebook to our pastor's wife, who I am doing Apples of Gold with, and then meet my mom at the Candle Barn. I love to go to this store every season and see how they are decorating. They use interested things to display their candles.

I found some wonderful tea towels to use as a valance in my kitchen, and to use on my coffee table, got some delightful autumn colored, cinnamon scented candles, and an wrought iron wreath holder. Ahhh, I promised myself I wouldn't decorate for autumn so soon, but I got so inspired at the Candle Barn that I am doing just a little bit for now. Besides, when Apples of Gold starts on the 12th, I will have a warm and welcoming atmosphere in keeping with the season. Also, considering how busy I have been, I won't have to be in a rush to clean and get things spruced up the few days, before we start!!!!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I Am Now A Taxi Driver

I have officially become the family taxi driver. My kids with their jobs are driving me crazy, literally! They all work in the same little tourist town which is convenient but on different schedules, and we live approximately 20 minutes away. Soooooo, my life basically revolves around theirs.

Yesterday I was back and forth 3 times! Besides taking the little ones to get groceries with me. They, the little ones were terrific, and made a new friend yesterday. She is the daughter of the Amish family who run a Health Food store. They sell grass feed beef and dairy products, organic produce, nutritional supplements in a little store on their farm. Rosanna took them out behind the pole barn to see the little ponies.

My husband and I are using this time of the older girls working, to see how things go. We have concerns that having them work for someone else, will really complicate our family schedule. Just today my oldest daughter said that she didn't like that she hasn't had time to do the things she likes, such as getting her horse ready for the fair. I know they will like having some money to spend and save, but we will see whether this format, is going to work for us as a family.

Today, besides driving people to and from work, I will clean my kitchen, give the kitchen window one more coat of paint and declutter the living area!

Thanks for your patience with my lack of blogging.


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