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Friday, September 21, 2007

A Challenging Thought

Last night after dinner my husband was asking the kids some questions. "Did God ask Moses if he wanted to lead the Hebrew people out of bondage in Egypt?" "No", was their answer, with Sarah saying, "God just told him to do it." Tim then asked them, "What was Moses' response?" Well, his response was "I don't speak too well, I won't know what to say, Why would they listen to me?" etc...

Then he asked them about Abraham. "Did God say to Abraham "if you want to, you could sacrifice Isaac to Me"? No, is the answer, God told him to do it. What was Abraham's response? He prepared for it and went to obey. I am sure he thought "Why would God ask this of me? Hmmmm, HE promised that through Isaac he would make a great nation." But none the less, he went to obey. Isaac asked him, "Father, we have the wood and the fire, but where is the sacrifice?" Abraham answered him "God, Himself will provide the sacrifice." Abraham even with the knife lifted over Isaac trusted God, that He would either raise Isaac from the dead or provide a different sacrifice, which is what God did.

As we talked about the different responses of Moses and Abraham, I was challenged to ask myself "what is my response to God when He asks something of me?" Of course the pleasant or comfort zone things I am delighted to do. But what about when He asks me to go through difficult things? Do I respond like Moses or Abraham. I hope I am like Abraham who trusted God, even though he didn't know God's plan.

May I trust the Lord to know what is best for me, and to walk closely to Him.


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